Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged : Ten reasons why I love my home.

I was tagged to tell you my top ten reasons why I like my home, I really liked this tag especially for the season, of showing gratitude. So hear are a few reasons why I love my home.

#1 I love my home's location. Heber city is beautiful! I love the small town atmosphere, seeing beautiful big red barns all over, having horse's within walking distance in every direction, hearing the sounds of the Heber Valley Railroad, and a donkey braying, and seeing hot air balloons nearly every morning in the summer. I also love the many trees in our yard, they are so pretty all year, even if they cause a big mess.
#2 Weird I know but I love this bathroom, the toilet is a little broken, as well as the sink, but I like the way the bathroom is decorated, and I love that this is the second bathroom in our house, after living in apartments where we only had one bathroom, two feels like a luxury.

#3 My favorite room in our whole house is Brandon's nursery. I love the furniture! I love the pictures that my sister Natalie painted for me, I love that my sister and I painted the room together (my first time painting a room) I really really love the bedding, it was pricey but I still look at it every day and love it. I love that the room is decorated in a safari theme, but it is not over done. I love how relaxing Brandon's room is. Some of our happiest memories have happened in his room.
#4 I love our backyard. I love that it came all fenced in so we could get a dog. I love that the grass always grows tall and green. I love the trees that provide shade. I love that we now have space to have a garden, which mean yummy corn on the cob! I especially love the new patio that we put in this spring to replace the ugly green house. I love that we can entertain out there, and we can eat relaxing dinners out there. I also love Jared's grill that sits on our deck, I love it because Jared will cook dinners on it and they are yummy! Before is above, UGLY, and after is below, Beautiful, especially when it is not covered in leaves!
#5 I love our bedroom. I love that we have a bathroom in the bedroom, another luxury that we did not have in apartments. I love our new king size bed! and I really love this chair that sits in the corner, it is a very cozy little place to read at night.
# 6 I love this chair as well, basically any place that I can sit and read or ponder is a favorite place, but I love this chair because it was our first furniture purchase as a couple, and because we bought it in Oregon it reminds us of our home away from home. I also love the beautiful Pendleton blanket that is VERY warm, it reminds me of some of my piano students in Oregon. I also love that this chair is right by the window so I can feel the breeze when it comes in, and this chair has a view of our little fireplace, which makes it even more cozy.
#7 This is the cozy fireplace that I love. I love how quaint it is, and I love that our couches match in color, a fun coincidence. I love that it is a gas fireplace so I can have a fire any time I want, and I do not have to clean it up.#8 I love this ceiling fan. We picked it out, (unlike many of the other lights in the house) and it was one of the first home improvement projects we completed. I love the memory of having my mom and dad (mostly my handy dad) helping us. Call me weird but I really like to look at it, I think it is pretty. I also like that it has a remote, Brandon is still fascinated with it, it keeps us cool, while keeping our gas bill down, and it is the only light in our living room, we could not do without it.
#9 I love my big wall clock and shelves. I think clocks are beautiful, (I would almost be tempted to start a collection, but where would I put them?) but I had a very specific look that I was going for, and I could not find it anywhere. Lucky for me my mom found this one and it made a great Christmas gift. I love the shelves that Jared gave me for Mothers Day, and I love the little things that we put on them. I really like to decorate them for Christmas, and I love that they fill up the large wall space.
#10 I love having space for a piano in the main room of our home. I love that I can teach piano lessons in my home, providing a little extra income while still having Brandon at home with me. I also love that this is a digital piano, I can turn it off, turn the volume down, move it easily, and I never have to tune it.

Bonus reasons for loving my house:

*It is only 1,100 +/- square feet, small by most expectations. I love that it is small, I have all the space that I need, but everything is on one floor, which means no stairs for Brandon to fall down, and I can clean it very thoroughly in one day.

*It has a large yard, I am learning how to do yard work, and I am even beginning to enjoy it.

*It has a room dedicated to our office, and hobbies.

*It has a space just for laundry.

*The kitchen is a galley kitchen, (fancy way of saying a small kitchen that looks more like a hall) it makes cooking very easy and convenient, when everything is right at your fingertips.

So now I tag; my mom, who has lived in her house for over 20 years, there must be something about it, Megan, Erin, Natalie S., and Camille, who moved into their house recently, and Holly, whose husband built their house. As well as Alana, Karie, and Kim, whose house's I have never seen and would like to see.


Leaves are falling every where!

Guess what Jared and I spent Saturday doing, raking leaves, YEAH! Anyone who has been to our house can attest to the many trees that we have. I love the trees, year round, and I think it is fun to rake the leaves, but my oh my, there are way too many!, So the question then is this, how do you get rid of them all? We tried stuffing them into the garbage can, but that just wouldn't do it, so then Jared tried mowing the leaves, after the mower died twice, we gave up on that idea, although the pictures are pretty funny, I think. Then we got permission from the fire department to burn them (safely) but that would have taken days (I know I was surprised too by how long it took) so we resorted to bagging them, and we will slowly fill the garbage with a few bags each week. We were able to rake most of front yard, which filled ten bags, and our garbage can, but we have not even started the back yard. So I am wondering, with the need for alternative energy, could we somehow use leaves? I have lots! :D
Lucky us, our front yard looks like we never made an attempt to rake them up, and our trees are still covered with leaves. Oh well.