Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Martin Luther King Day at the Zoo

Turns out that going to the zoo in the winter is a lot of fun.  I wasn't so sure when Jared suggested it, but we really did have a great time, and the animals were more active.

 The snow leopard was a hit, he was literally running around his exhibit, so the boys were of course following it running from window to window and giggling the whole time.
 We were watching the lynx pace its exhibit when it stopped and began stalking something, we turned around to see what it was stalking, it was stalking the tiger that was up and walking around, so of course we began watching the tiger.  I have never been to the zoo and seen all the big cats up and moving around, it was great! 
 Then the tiger began climbing the pine tree and eating the pine needles, we were very confused, why would a tiger eat pine needles?  It was impressive to see the tiger stretched out to its full length.  I love tigers.
 The giraffes were also a lot of fun, it was great to see the baby giraffe.
Even though it was cold outside, the zoo has buildings placed just frequently enough that you could get warm and then continue.  Also the reptile house that is usually miserable in the summer is delightful in the winter, its just the warm humid break you need. :) 

Snow Day Play Day

I love living in a place where we can enjoy all four seasons.  I love that my children get to grow up and experience the joy of snow int he winter, leaves in the fall and the hot sun in the summer.  The boys were so happy when we were finally able to take out their sleds and shovels, but they never last for too long.  After all the snow is cold.  Brandon definitely prefers the sun over snow, but he still enjoys playing outside in the winter.
Brandon loved sledding at out nearby park, Grant however was much less interested. :)

On Saturday of the Martin Luther King day weekend Jared and I wanted to go enjoy the outdoors and have an "adventure", so we dressed everyone as warmly as we could, and drove as far East on Center Street as our four wheel drive would take us.  We were able to drive pretty far and the drive was stunning.  Then we put on snow shoes and began pulling the boys behind us in their sleds.  The sleds were not our best idea and they did not work very well at all, needless to say we did not make it very far, but we still had a good time.
The views from our drive were amazing!
One funny story about our outing.  While we were trying to make it up the hill and pull the boys behind the sled, the sled kept tipping and the boys kept falling in the snow, they were cold, grumpy and very whinny.  Jared decided to just put Grant up on his shoulders, but Grant's snow suit was slippery and he slipped as Jared was lifting him up.  Grant went straight over Jared's shoulders and fell behind him head first in the snow.  He was bent in half with his head in the snow.  My first reaction was to laugh, second reaction was to get my camera and take a picture and my last reaction was to help Grant get out.  I know, I'm a terrible mom, but don't worry I went with my third reaction and saved Grant. :)  He recovered quickly, especially when I reminded him of a nature show he had watched a few days before with Jared about a fox that would jump up and land with its heads in the snow so that it could catch its prey.  Every time they would watch the fox jump Jared would say "boop", he had the boys rolling with laughter.  So when I told Grant that he was like the fox he and Brandon were all giggles, and everyone recovered fine.  :)

Grant - my little arctic fox. :)
We have certainly enjoyed the snow, freshly fallen snow is just beautiful!  But we are ready now for spring and sunshine.