Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snow Day - Hooray!

This year every time it snows (which has been, well,  not at all) the boys would want to go outside to play and "build a snowman", but I would put it off to get other things done and by the time I got my To Do List finished the snow had melted, so we missed our chance.  So when it snowed more than two inches I finally decided to put off the to do list and play outside - it was so worth it, even if Dana and I were the only ones who actually built the snowman.  I LOVE living with four seasons!  I also love that Dana and McKell were so quick and willing to join in on the fun. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

St. George Trip - Perfect!

Over Presidents Day Weekend we went to St. George as a family, my sister and her family joined us.  Kevin's grandparents have a condo there so they offered to host us there - it was a great condo; beautiful, comfortable, child proof, and just the right amount of space.  Kevin lived in St. George for a while and Natalie has dreamed of living there for years and visits at least once a year so between the two of them we had great tour guides.  We spent Friday going to to breakfast at the Egg-n-I - it was yummy!  Then we went on a little hike near Snow Canyon.  It was the perfect hike for three little boys.  They loved climbing all over the rocks, hiding in the caves, collecting rocks, and digging in the sand.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these family photos of both our families!

 Brandon pretended he was a cougar for nearly the entire weekend (Why couldn't the Utes have a better mascot :D)

Natalie and Kevin are pretty skilled climbers - so climbing this arch was no trouble for them.  Natalie talked Jared and I into climbing it as well.  Jared was fine - I struggled - I have never had a problem with heights, but YIKES, I was scared, but I did it!  Yeah!

 Grant decided that Kevin was his best friend and Kevin was darling with him.  They were great buddies everywhere they went.  I found myself getting a little jealous because I was no longer the favorite. ;)
After our hike we visited a few of our cousins and our moms uncle and aunt.  They had this slide and playground that was amazing.  So much fun for such a small space!

That night we went to the local swimming pool.  I have never gone to this kind of swimming pool - it was so fun!!!  So much fun!  We were planning on only spending one hour there but we spent two and a half hours.  The boys had a great time.
Grant was a big fan of the frog slide.  It was so fun to see him enjoy some freedom in a swimming pool.

Ah - good memories!

The next day we drove to Zions.  I haven't been there for years, I forgot how beautiful Zions is.  We hiked the bottom part of the narrows.  Again - the boys had a great time collecting sticks and rocks and then throwing them into the river.
This was the first time that Grant has seen large wild life.  It was so fun to see them so close and then to see them all running through the trees.

Lunch time. These three boys look so cute in their matching jackets - Thanks Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ron!
Love our handsome chauffeur. :)
The following day was Sunday - good thing too.  Jared and I were both sick - Jared came to St. George with a terrible cold, ear infection and sinus infection.  The warmer temperatures and the opportunity to rest helped him get better very quickly; but not before he passed it on to me.  It hit me hard on Saturday so I was very grateful that I was able to sleep it off on Sunday.  We enjoyed a very relaxing day just hanging out at the condo - Perfect!!!

On Monday before we headed out we went to a near by playground - it was so fun, a very unique playground.  Right next to the playground was a very low river so of course we had to hike down to it and throw rocks into it.  This time even Jared and Kevin got in on the action trying to find the biggest rocks they could and then finding large sticks and logs and sending them down the river like boats.  Kevin even got ambitious and made a little raft with sticks and grass; Brandon and Chandler put little rocks on it and they set it to sail. :)
After the park we packed up the cars and headed home, but before we called the vacation completly over we stopped by the DIXIES red rocks.  They were so cool and so fun; the boys and heights made me a little nervouse, but it was so worth being up there.Love this picture of our family with the temple in the background.  I was REALLY hoping to go to the temple while we were there but as luck would have it the temple was closed for maintainance.Such a wonderful, wonderful vacation.  I am ready to go back right now.  This may need to become a yearly trip.