Friday, October 29, 2010

Sea World

Sea World was everything I expected it to be! There were minimal crowds and weather was terrific, and I LOVE those animals. I actually get choked up when the dolphin or Shamu show starts. Brandon loved the animals as well. We were able to feed the dolphins as well as the sting rays, both were very neat experiences. I could happily visit Sea World again and again and never tire of it. Brandon has not stopped playing with his whales and dolphins since then and we found a stuffed Shamu from when Jared was a kid that Brandon is now sleeping with. Sea World made a lasting impression. Maybe Brandon will fill Jared's and my dream of becoming a marine biologist?This picture captures is all - I love Brandon's face!!!

We love Sharks!!!!

I think that it is safe to say that this was the Grand Finale to a crazy and busy vacation! We love you Southern California - till next time!

Nap Time

My favorite time of the day!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

HELP- tips for traveling with an infant

We are planning a trip to California to visit family, we are of course very excited, however i am very nervous about the drive there and back. Brandon has always been an outstanding traveler - every time we make the drive to Idaho he would sleep for the whole drive. Grant on the other hand has scream every time for at least two hours of the drive. Feeding him only slightly takes care of the problem. What he really wants is to get out - that is not an option! So what am I going to do with a twelve hour drive? I am planning on taking balloons, bubbles, treats, a mirror with lights, and toys, but that wont help when he is tired. Benadryl? The label says it is only for children who are six or older, and our doctor advised against it? I just don't know - so, I am pleading for any advise or tips from all of you. :)

Preschool - Dinosaurs

This week it was my turn to host and teach Brandon's preschool.
Our theme was dinosaurs - in my opinion this is one of the best themes! Our letter was T so we each had a Treasure box full of T items: toilet paper, tissues, Thomas the Train, train tracks, treats, telephones, ties, triangles, and a picture of the temple. We had lots of fun opening up and discovering our T treasures.We made volcano treats for snack - they were so easy and yummy!We made our own volcano and dinosaur land - then we took turns destroying the dinosaurs by shaking it like an earthquake, throwing asteroids (toy plastic rocks) at them, making the hot sun beat down on them, and last and best of all having the volcano erupt on them. It was a very fun week for preschool!

Friday, October 8, 2010

West Jordan "City" Park with the cousins

We finally managed to get together with our cousins for an outing to the park. We had a great time! And this park is amazing - well worth the drive out there - I do wish however that it was not so far away I would go all the time. It was great to see our cousins again and see how their darling kids are growing!

The Utah State Fair

We went with Natalie, Chandler, Grandma Julie, and Grandma Johnson to the state fair. It was so much fun despite the heat. We enjoyed the pig races, tractors, animals, and yummy food, but the highlight was defiantly the sea lion show - it made me that much more excited for our trip to Sea World and Disney Land!