Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He makes me happy!

I just love the little grin that Grant gives just before he falls into a deep sleep. I also love the big smile he shows us when Jared plays his games with him - if only I could get the cute smile on camera! Oh he makes me so happy!!!!
I wish I could be so cozy! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

1st visit to the dentist

I think Brandon enjoyed his first visit to the dentist. He got to wear a necklace (paper napkin) he got to squirt the water, have his teeth counted, look at his teeth in a mirror, and ride on the chair. I hope that when we have to go for the real deal he will still like visiting!

Story time with daddy

Jared has taken over the bedtime routine with Brandon. I love the time they are spending together reading fun stories but I especially love that Jared is being introduced to the wonderful world of childrens literature. I love hearing them both laugh when they read a funny book - like the one Grandma Johnson gave Brandon "A Porcupine Named Fluffy" there were some noisy giggles coming out of the bedroom the first night they read that book. ;) Some of their favorites are; "The Red Ripe Strawberry, The Little Mouse, and The Big Hungry Bear", "Giggle Giggle Quake", Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale", and "The Very Busy Spider". So what are some of your childrens favorite books? We would love suggestions for when we go to the library.

How to turn your bathtub into a love seat

Step 1 - find a comfortable overstuffed ottoman
Step 2 - place it in the bathtub
Step 3 cover it with a large blanket and WA LA!! you have a very comfy love seat in your bathroom perfect for POTTY PARTIES!!

I am sure there are much much better ways for potty training little boys, but this is what came to me and I went with it. I don't think overkill explains how ridiculous our Potty Party was. We ate our meals in the bathroom (I know - gross!) We watched hundreds of movies in the bathroom, we read a whole lot of books, and played with lots and lots of toys. Every time Brandon went in the potty he got a sticker on his chart, a sucker, and a present. (don't get to excited, the presents were toys he already had, rewrapped, but he loved the wrapping paper :)) We also played instruments and did a dance and cheer for every success. To top it off, if he went #2 in the potty he also got to pop a balloon. We had a lot of success the first week while we were stuck in the bathroom, but as we ventured out things became a little more tricky, however I am happy to say that he is mostly potty trained - we are just working on #2 and potty training away from home. I am happy with the progress Brandon is making but if anyone has tips for these last few steps I would love to hear them! Yeah Brandon!!!!

Special Visitors

Grant has some wonderful great-grand-parents! Three great-grandmas, and two great-grandpas who are so wonderful! It was so wonderful to have Grandma and Grandpa Johnson come with Aunt Christy to visit! I love this picture of all of them - their smiles just make me happy!!!