Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Piece of Heaven

Everyday I am blessed to experience a little piece of heaven right here in my own home. It comes when Brandon is ready for his nap and I relax in my very comfy rocking chair with Brandon wrapped up in one of his extra soft blankets. We listen to beautiful piano arrangements of the primary hymns, we watch the trees blow in the wind just outside the window, and we play quiet games, that make us both giggle. Mean-while Maggie snuggles down on the ottoman keeping my feet warm. It does not take long for Brandon to drift off to sleep, and every time, just before he is sound asleep, the little corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. It is as though he is recounting all of the fun moments of the day. Then he is sound asleep, and while I probably should put him in his crib and go do the laundry or the dishes, and make good use of this time, I just can not bring myself to lay him down. So instead I sit and ponder, and try to capture the moment in my memory.
While I look forward to Brandon growing up and all of the fun moments that are associated with children growing, I never want this to end, I will miss these moments of heaven. I suppose that is why I linger and I don't always get to the chores, I know these times have a limit.
The only thing that could possibly make this moment better is if Jared were here with us, but then I am reminded that he is at work, diligently working to provide for our family and make this very moment possible.
I really do think that I am the most blessed person in the whole world! I have a wonderful hard working husband who adores his son, puppy and me. I have a beautiful and very happy little boy, and a very fun spunky little dog. I am blessed with a darling little home in a beautiful city. And the blessings just go on and on.
So with that being said I want to thank Jared for the blessing he is in my life, and for the many other blessings he has been instrumental in providing me with. I also want to thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a wonderful family and for entrusting me with one of His children.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh What Fun, My Son Turned One

I can not believe how the time flies, I know everyone says that, but really, why must it go so darn fast? However I couldn't hardly stand waiting to throw a big One Year Old Birthday Party, and yes I went over board. I had so much fun making invitations for family members, and planning games, menus, and decorations. While I am sure Brandon had a great birthday, Jared and I enjoyed it much more!

We began the celebrations on Saturday by going to the zoo with Jared parents, my sister and her family, and my dear friend Dana with her son and McKell. We wish everyone else could have come too but soccar games, homecoming dances, and legacy highway kept people busy, we missed you. The zoo was amazing, mind you it was a very croweded Saturday, but the animals were putting on a great show! The "Ghost of the Bayou" was swimming, the bird show was amazing thanks to the great seats (thanks Dana), the Tiger was swimming and walking all over the place, and two of the giraffes actually got into a fight (no not a play fight a real fight) who knew a giraffe that does not want to share his food could swing his neck so hard.

Sunday was Brandon's actual birthday. We had my family and Jared's parents over for dinner, presents, and cake. Brandon was spoiled rotten! Jared kept quoting Harry Potter "37 but last year I had 38", because he had so many presents. Some of Brandon's favorites were the basketball, dumptruck of blocks, Tickle Me Ernie, classic telephone, xylaphone, Winnie the Pooh blocks, trike, and puzzle. He also received many darling clothes that I can not wait to have him wear. Brandon seemed to enjoy his cake, as soon as he realized it was truely all for him, he was quite a mess afterwards, but that is okay!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day of rest?

So Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, this Sunday however was far from it, it was however very enjoyable. Jared gave a talk in sacrament meeting and did a great job! I substituted on the organ, which meant that Brandon spent the meeting with another family, he did not mind in the least, sometimes I think he prefers to be with other people more than me. :) I got to do sharing time, which was fun, but I am grateful it is not common for me to need to do it. Then that night we went to dinner at my Grandma Osborn's house. We drove through a sand and wind storm to get there, but it was worth it. Before we moved into our home we lived for four months with Grandma Osborn, so it was kind of like going home. She is an amazing women! She will be celebrating her 89th birthday this September, and acts younger than I am. She is still in the real estate business, plays the organ at the temple and in church, and helps to take care of the elderly people in her neighborhood, most of whom are younger than she is. What I like the most about her is how interested she always is in everyone but herself, and how service oriented she is, for example, she invited us to dinner, when it should have been the other way around. We had a great evening with her, as you can see on Brandon's face, then we drove home through a monsoon, while Brandon cried 90% of the way. Maybe next Sunday I will get to take a nap. :)

Brazillian Festival

Jared served his mission in Brazil so when he found out they have a festival we had to go. I am so glad that we did, it was lots of fun.

The festival was at the gateway center, by the fountain. First thing after we got there and were headed out of the parking garage Jared ran into a Branch President from his mission, all of a sudden they both broke out into Portuguese laughing, smiling, and hugging each other the whole time. It was so fun to hear Jared really speak Portuguese, they talked for quiet sometime, they are now living in Utah so hopefully we will get together with them again soon.
Then as we were walking to the festival you could hear this deafening music and chanting, we ran over to the large circle that had gathered and watched the capoira, (capoira is a dance/ fighting style that Brazilian slaves invented to practice there fighting without getting into trouble) it was amazing to watch.

We had a lot of fun looking at Brazilian booths where Jared bought a Brazilian flag and some Brazilian sweets. We were also able to eat very yummy coxinha, Brazilian donuts, cake and cheese bread, and drink Guarana, and limeonaid. Everyone was wearing yellow, and green, or blue jerseys, and talking in Portuguese. I felt like such a minority, except that the people are super friendly, so I felt like I belonged. I never had any interest to go to Brazil, except to see where Jared served his mission, but now I would like to go to see the people and culture, they are so fun!


I love living in Heber and being so close to Swiss Days! On Friday my mom and Aunt Christy came up with my nephew Chandler, we all went to Swiss Days, where we saw Elder Nelson, and Miss Utah. We had lots of fun looking at all the booths, people watching, eating yummy Swiss sandwiches (we opted out of the "Swiss tacos") and had a great time visiting with each other, I am always sad when they have to go home.Brandon and Chandler both crashed, they were so tired! Brandon apparently needed something to cuddle up to so he took Christy's drink, while still drinking his own bottle, funny boy!
Then on Saturday Jared and I braved the crowds and went again. Jared just had to have a bratwurst, and I really wanted a scone. I can't wait to go again next year!