Friday, January 29, 2010

Top Five Reasons For Not Blogging

It has been well over a month since my last post - I hate getting behind but I feel I have some good reasons or at least some interesting excuses.
#5 The Holidays -
We enjoyed every minute of our very long holiday break - Jared was able to get a lot of time off so we spent nearly two weeks enjoying each others company and the company of friends and family. Brandon was of course spoiled by all who love him. His favorite toys were; the large tunnel and tent system from Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ron, many new trains and track for his Thomas the Train set from Grandma Dee Ann and Grandpa Wyn, and lots of new plastic animals from me and Jared. Jared and I also enjoyed many new fun gifts and money to pay for them from Parents and Grandparents. We were richly blessed! Feeding the ducks was deffinatly a highlight to our trip in Idaho Falls! Brandon would have spent hours chasing the ducks and feeding regardless of how cold it was.
#4 Having Too Much Fun Playing with Brandon
Brandon and I have kept busy playing in the snow, watching fun movies, visiting family and friends, and going on outings to the library, aquarium, and store (it really is a lot of fun). I love spending time with him - his personality surprises me every day, and the speed with which young children learn astounds me!!!
Brandon surprised me when we were waiting in the parking lot at Toys R Us while Jared went to hunt for some "CARS" toy cars. From the back seat I hear "T" it took me a few minutes to realize what he was pointing at then I replied "yes Brandon that is a T. Shortly after "O" , and then "S" I was not at all surprised that he skipped Y I have never taught that one to him but only a few seconds later he said "Y". Imagine my surprise! He may not have had them in order but he still knew those letters, I was so proud! Unfortunately I can not take all the credit Super Why and Word World are some great TV shows that help with the letters, and he loves them!!! I never thought I would say it - but HOORAY FOR TV!
#3 I am in my ninth month of pregnancy - enough said!!
This pregnancy has been much more difficult than it was with Brandon. I have been far more tired, had many more strange and lasting sicknesses (which I wont go into) and general discomforts. But I only have two more days to go. We have scheduled the C-section for Tuesday morning bright and early at 6:00am. We can hardly wait to welcome our second little boy into our family!
#2 Transitions
In an effort to make room for baby we have moved Brandon from his crib into a big boy bed and a new room. The transition was surprisingly easy and pleasant. Brandon had lots of fun helping me assemble his bed and get his room ready. He really did help me build the bed, he even started on one of the steps without my assistance and did it right - yes is was easy, but I can still be proud right! :) Brandon loves his room so much he never misses a chance to show off his new room and new bed to all visitors. I must admit I am also very pleased with the turn out of his new room - it was done with a budget, and so I tried my hand at painting for the art and it actually looks nice - Hooray! He looks so cute all snuggled in. He likes his room so much he will actually play in it for more that five minutes without me - this is huge! He and his friend looked so cute reading books in his bed with his cars table! I love it!!Because Brandon transitioned into the only other room in our house we had to move the office into our bedroom - Yuck We spent a few weeks with a much too big roll top, then we sold the roll top and used a card table, and now finally I am writing to you from our new desk which brings us to Excuse #1 for not blogging.
This instinct always hits hard for me the last month and this month has been no exception. Just this week I have: scrubbed the kitchen floors (they changed colors), scrubbed the stove, oven, microwave, and fridge, organized the kitchen and laundry cupboards, organized the closet in the guest bathroom, washed the sheets for our bedroom, cleaned the major windows inside and out, cleaned the fish tank, and best of all assembled a very complicated desk all by myself - in Brandon words -"I do it!" Yes I am proud of myself - probably too proud- but I have never attempted something like this before. I still have many more things that I hope to finish like; cleaning both bathrooms, giving Maggie a bath, installing safety latches, dusting EVERYTHING, and updating my blog - yes check! ;)
Now I would like to say that I will not neglect my blog again but with another baby on the way who knows? I will for sure post pictures and stats of baby when all is said and done - till then I enjoy reading all of your blogs and hearing all of the good and bad that is happening in your life!