Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Week Anniversary

Yes this is the one week anniversary of Brandon officially sleeping through the night. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! After trying everything we could think of we finally resorted to the cry it out plan. It was hard, but the ear plugs that Jared bought helped us out a bit. We had to let Brandon cry for 2 1/2 hours the first night, 2 hours the second 1 hour the next and then he seemed to figure it out. We had a few relapses, but we have finally gone one whole week of sleeping through the night, and I am so thrilled! After the first night when Brandon cried for 2 1/2 hours, I went in the following morning to check on him and this is how he was sleeping.
I am sure he cried the whole time standing at the end of the crib expecting me to come rescue him and then when I didn't he just crashed right there, Poor Thing. Thank goodness he was still happy to see me the next morning.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Now I know that it is Thursday and Father's Day was on Sunday but I did not want to miss the opportunity of telling Jared how much I love him and how impressed I am with him as a father. Jared adores Brandon and is great to take him even when Brandon is sick and grumpy (which he has been this week).

The proclamation to the world on the family says that "By divine design, fathers are.....responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families." Jared really does take this to heart, even if protecting his son and family means buying a $100 sensory monitor, (which I complain too much about even though I really do kinda like it) driving back home to make sure the garage door is closed, and checking every door and window to make sure they are locked tight at night.

When I told Jared how difficult it is to keep Brandon out of trouble now that he is crawling, and to keep him from getting hurt now that he likes to climb on everything, Jared took the initiative to find a solution to my problem. He found a walker on line that everyone raved about and bought it for Brandon, unfortunately it was not all we hoped it to be so we returned it, but I appreciated Jared's thought and concern for Brandon and me. I am so grateful Jared works hard so that I can stay home with Brandon, and enjoy all the comforts he provides.

Jared you have been a great dad and husband from the very start!! xoxo

I must also tell my father how much I love him and how grateful I am to have him as a dad. Should any of you wonder how terrific my dad is see the post in April titled Happy Birthday Dad! I love you dad, thanks for everything!!! I am also so luck to have a great father-in-law. Happy Father's day Wyn! Thanks for always providing us with so many luxuries and for valuing all of my ideas and opinions.


Did you know that vinegar can clean your windows? I just learned this recently at enrichment. My windows have never looked cleaner! And now I can say that I am green (well sort of). :)

Fun with Friends

Last Friday Jared went to the Father's and Sons camp out with the ward. Jared seriously considered taking Brandon unfortunately because Brandon is only 9 months we thought against it, but because he is the Elders Quorum Pres. he was in charge of food and had to be there with or without a son, (besides, he likes camping). While the men were away we decided the girls should play, so my friend Dana invited us all to her parents part time home in Midway. We ate yummy girl food, watched chick flicks, did a little scrapbooking, sewing, and other projects, and talked A LOT! We had so much fun I completely forgot to take any pictures, I hate it when I do that!

Fortunately on Saturday I remembered to keep my camera close by, so when we got together with Justin, Allison and baby Jack I was prepared. We had a fun evening eating at Ruby Tuesday's (YUMMY) and shopping at the outlets, but the best part happened after all the stores were closed. We went to the park in the middle of the outlets and played. Jack and Brandon raced each other down the slides, Jack thought it was wonderful, but Brandon was not to sure (probably because he had not eaten for 4 hours and nothing was fun). Then Jack and Brandon raced each other up the slides. Jack impressed us all by making it to the top on his own, while sweet Brandon remained at the bottom. Look at Jack's determination! He is like the little engine that could, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"

You just know right now Brandon is thinking, "I'm cold, tired, and very hungry and you want me to be excited about this? Think again!"
How much do you want to be a kid right now! WHEEEEE!!I am so glad that I had my camera with me! But of course the battery died and so some of the best pictures were taken on my new cell phone. I love having a phone with the camera option, now I just need to learn how to download the pictures so I can share them with you!

The Wonderful Sound of Summer

"Grandfather smiled in his sleep. Feeling the smile and wondering why it was there, he awoke. He lay quietly listening, and the smile was explained. For he heard a sound which was far more important than birds or the rustle of new leaves. Once each year he woke this way and lay waiting for the sound which meant that summer had officially begun. And it began on a morning such as this when a boarder, a nephew, a cousin, a son or a grandson came out on the lawn below and moved in consecutively smaller quadrangles north and east and south and west with a clatter of rotating metal through the sweet summer grass. ...... God bless the lawn mower, he thought."
This is an excerpt from a book I just finished reading called, Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury.I love the way he words my exact feelings and thoughts. I love the sound of the lawn mower! I also love the sounds of a basketball being dribbled outside, plane's flying over head, sprinklers, bicycles riding by, and yes, "birds and the rustle of new leaves."
So today I am celebrating freshly cut lawns, and the arrival of Summer, it truly is here at last! YEA!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family Home Evening

Jared informed me that he had a surprise for me on Saturday, but it would have to wait until Monday. So I anxiously waited (I do not do very well with surprises). He planned FHE and he did a terrific job, we all had a great time. First he brought home dinner, which meant that I did not have to cook, or do the dishes!
Then he took us to the Provo River Restoration Project. I had no idea this place even existed, (which makes me wonder, what other treasures are nearby?). Not five minutes from our house is this wonderful nature preserve. We spent 2 plus hours exploring the area and are still not even close to finding all of its treasures.I think Maggie had the most fun, with all the new smells and sounds, she went into the water many times, and I wish you could have seen her disappearing under the tall grass and then jumping back out again.We loved looking for the birds and other wildlife. This bird was particularly beautiful. We also saw fish, beavers, and many other birds.Brandon not wanting to be left out of the fun screeched frequently, and sang his little songs while going over the bumps in the road.
Look it even came complete with the "Lake of Shining Waters". Which of course made me giddy!

The scenery was beautiful, and occasionally you could even catch a glimpse of Heber. Can you see it?It was so wonderful, and there was so much we did not have time for that we fully intend on visiting many more times.

Then Jared topped of the night with the best FHE treat ever, yummy shakes from Dairy Keen. Yum Yum! So from now on I think I will let Jared plan the FHE, he did such a wonderful job!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scotties Graduation

My little Brother graduated from High School on Tuesday, I am so proud of him, it was fun to be able to go, and I think that Brandon even enjoyed himself as well (he loves the comotion!).Here are the proud parents, three kids down, two to go!Scottie is such a great uncle! Congratulations Scott!!