Friday, November 30, 2012

Visiting Daddy's Office

After Brandon's Halloween parade we took Jared back to his office and decided to hang out at the office for a little while.  The boys made copies of their hands and faces, brought back good memories, and then Jared showed them an empty office, just a desk and chairs and the boys had a great time pretending to work.
The following video is Brandon pretending to be Jared, he asked Jared what to do, Jared told him to ask questions, and this is what happened.  Jared and I were laughing so hard, it was very hard to hold back.  Hopefully you can hear the video, if not, the gist of the conversation is;
B - what can I help you with
G - trains
B - okay, Thomas or James
G - Thomas
B - got it, is this your hand
G - yes
B - okay, got it
Love my funny boys!!

More Fall Fun

Fall was wonderful this year, as evident in many past posts.  I love that my home has MANY trees with large leaves, it makes playing in the leaves so much fun, but it is sure a lot of work.  I have however come up with a great system.  I am fortunate to live on a corner, so as soon as my garbage can as well as the neighbors from across the street are emptied I borrow their garbage cans and fill them up with more leaves, so each week I manage to fill roughly five large black cans with leaves and I do this for four to five weeks, it is a lot of leaves and garbage day is a crazy day, but it gets done.  In the process the boys and neighbors have a great time playing in the leaves, and helping me stomp down the leaves in the garbage can. :)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Annual Family Halloween Party

It has become tradition to have a Halloween party at my house every year with my mom, Natalie, Chandler and Grandma Johnson.  This year we were joined with my Aunt Christ and Rachel.  each year this party just seems to get better and better.  My friend Dana found Harry Potter potion labels and made a potion area for her home, it was so fun, so I made one too, with her advice.  She suggested I find bottles at the recycling center - I found some treasures in dumpster diving adventure. :).  Some of the potions included boobertuber puss,
 It was a good thing I made new potion bottles because the ones we made at my sisters house had turned nasty, evidenced by this picture. hahaha.  That jar used to have spaghetti in it.
 For lunch the adults had garden vegetable chowder.  Yummy!  For the boys we made jack-o-lantern quesedillas.  They were a hit. :)
 We played Halloween bowling with a pumpkin for the bowling ball, and toilet paper rolls with eyes and a mouth drawn on for the pins.  The boys thought that was wonderful.

 Then we did a pumpkin cake walk to "Thriller".
 The highlight for me is the donut on a string game.  The donuts are yummy, but it is just so funny to be doing this game with all the girls and even more funny was watching the boys play the game. :)
 Chandler was very competitive and very honest - I must say I was impressed that he refused to use his hands. :)
 Grant on the other hand didn't last long before he used his hands. :)
 But look at how thrilled he was with his donut. :)
 And then Brandon attacked his donut with such force, he knocked it to the ground and at it like the animal he was pretending to be.  love the sugar overdose expression from Grant. :)
 Then we made witches brew "root beer" we used all of the potions from Harry Potter "water, sugar and root beer extract" as well as specially frozen ghost breath "dry ice"
 The boys thought that was a lot of fun and they were great at the incantations . :)

 The treat table was also a highlight complete with Fizzing Wizbies, sugar quill lollipops, treacle fudge, chocolate wands, cockroach crunch, chocolate frogs, burty bots every flavor beans, acid pops, pepper imps, and much more. :)

 Then the boys dressed up in their costumes and went trick-or-treating to each of the bedrooms where mom, grandma, Christy and Rachel were waiting.  Listening to Grant say trick-or-treat was adorable. :)  Then we went outside for pictures. 

 Cutest little Thomas the Train, shark and pirate I have ever seen.
The only thing we missed being able to do this year was play in the leaves, the leaves are the reason why we always have it at my house, because there are so many and it is just so much fun, unfortunately the weather was rainy and cold the day before, so everything was cold and wet.  Oh well, the party was still so much fun.  So much fun in fact that after everyone left we had Jason and Tyler (who we were babysitting while their parents went to the temple) and the Brosnahans over, to play.  It was a great day!

Halloween Craft Day

My sister is such a talented crafter, and I have been wanting to do a little more with the decorations in my home, so we decided to get together.  While Natalie and I were working on crafts Grandma Julie read them some Halloween books.  They sure do love her. :)
 I made the Happy Halloween bunting hanging below the shelf in the back, and then the boys "helped" us with our apothecary jars. :)
 Smelling the microwave-boiled egg dyed red - eew. :)
 The final product. :)
It was a fun day, wish we could get together even more often.

Just can't get enough of our beautiful city!

Jared got off work early on day so we took him along with us on one of our walks.  It was beautiful at night and so fun to see a new place.  The best part however was being together as a family.  I am happiest when it is just the four of us together, it doesn't matter much what we are doing as long as we are doing it together.

 Love, love, love these boys and dogs!
 Love this picture of Jared - he is so handsome!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lindsey's Birthday

My sister Lindsey had her 15th birthday, so I made her a gorilla cake.  I love how this cake turned out, so much better than the cake I made for Brandon's birthday. 

 Lindsey loves gorillas so she was thrilled with her cake. :)
 I adore the relationship my boys have with their grandpa.  Love their darling smiles!
 Love my grandma and grandpa. :)
 Funny dad :)
 Grant thinks uncle Scott's remote control truck is the greatest thing.  Scott is great to bring out at every family gathering.  The boys just love it.
Making a tunnel for the truck. :)

His expression is priceless. :)  When was the last time you got this excited about something so simple? :D

Happy Birthday Lindsey!  You are a terrific sister!  So talented at soccer and piano.  A darling aunt, and wonderful sister.  We love you!