Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where is the Pause Button?

Seriously time is flying out of control, if only I had a pause button to get things back together, I would feel a lot better.

I blame my lack of posting on my great new camera which holds far more than 60 pictures and allows me to go much to long without uploading photos and thus updating my blog. I was feeling sorry for myself that we don't do nearly the fun things the rest of you do as shown on your super cute blogs that I love to read and than I went through my pictures and realized I really do have a lot to be grateful for. I think that is why I blog/journal to help me realize all of the wonderful things I have to be grateful for even when life seems crazy. So without delay here comes way more pictures than you probably want to look at. :) Grant is such a joy!!! He loves to look at books, if I am sitting on the floor he will back his cute little bum right into my lap and happily sit for as long as I will let him, he especially loves sitting with a good book in mom or dad's lap. He is also my great musician - he loves to play the piano and he doesn't mind it when I sing (unlike his brother who, as soon as I start singing, will often say "Mom, stop your mouth"). Grant also loves playing catch with his dad, much to his dad's delight. The Rice Krispy Treat commercial during the Easter holiday had an impact - I just had to make these little eggs with treats inside - they were so cute. The boys had fun making them and enjoyed the treats inside but were not overly thrilled with the rice krispytreats.The Saturday before Easter we went to Zermat for their Easter celebration. For $20 we enjoyed a wonderful buffet breakfast, free carousel rides, and the Easter egg hunt. This might become a great new tradition!Brandon was so excited to go on the Easter egg hunt is was really hard to wait in line. Then they finally gave the go a head and he panicked, cried and refused to pick up even one egg - but he did still enjoy playing on the mini golf course. Grant on the other hand enjoyed finding eggs with Jared's help a lot.On Sunday we celebrated Easter at my parents house with a yummy dinner and a fun Easter egg hunt. Brandon was much more enthusiastic about that one. There were more then enough eggs for each boy. Cute Uncle Taylor was so fun with Grant!This is Grants bucket after the hunt, his cousin Chandler was so cute to unload all of his extra eggs into Grants bucket, such a nice cousin!Brandon had his first complete dentist appointment - and it was a success! HOORAY! His first appointment was a disaster, complete with a full on temper tantrum, it was embarrassing and I was really nervous for the next one. But after a lot of pretend dentist playing and dentist story books, and a bit of bribery, Brandon cooperated. He was even willing to put on the pirate hat, eye patch and sword. I love our fun dentist, the children's theme days make the dentist so much more fun!!!At the beginning of the year I was called into the YW's. HOORAY! I have wanted to serve in YW since the time I left as a youth. I have really enjoyed the calling, but I find once again that I underestimated all the work that was done on my behalf as a youth. This is a BUSY calling, but I do love it. We had a really fun activity with the YM - Minute to win it - so much fun. I have never seen the show, but the activity made me think maybe I wanted to.On April 30th I had a piano recital for all of my students. I don't know why this always becomes such a big undertaking but it does. I really need to learn how to simplify. I was very pleased with everyone's performance and their efforts.Another activity with the YM - we had the Temple Riders come for a visit. They showed us their cool bikes - which Brandon loved, and then spoke about putting on the whole armor of God and how that relates to riding bikes. Brandon was so happy he got to spend the first few minutes with me and the cute boys who took him all over and played with him.What more can I say about this darling boy - Oh how I love him!!!!!!! Grant is at such a fun age! He has a contagious laugh - which we will do just about anything for the privilege of hearing it. He is a great eater (unlike his older brother:)). He loves for anyone to hold him. He is also a great snuggler (if you are standing up) I love it when he rests his head on my shoulder. What I don't love about Grant - but find it endearing anyway is the way he boxes me out when I am trying to work in the kitchen. He wedges his way in between me and the cabinets and then pushes me with all his might away from the counter - making dinner and lunch has become a real chore. ;)I got a new bike trailer for my birthday (looks a lot like the one Grandpa Ron has) I have enjoyed using it a lot, unfortunately I am much more out of shape than my dad, brother and sister; and Brandon is not very happy about the short and slow rides we go on. Then Grandpa Ron had the great idea to attach the trailer to his motorized scooter. The boys LOVED it - no how can I compete with that?Happy Birthday to me - the weather was actually warm and sunny!!! I loved this picture and I am loving all of the blooms on the trees and flowers.This was the view of Mnt. Timp. while we were driving to Provo to get my b-day present (I got a cricut (used) and I am loving is and using it a lot!!) I wish this picture did justice for what we really saw - it was breath-taking, reminded me why we live where we do.Went to the aquarium with Chandler, Natalie and Grandma Julie - we had so much fun - I love that place!Grant got his first hair cut from Grandma Dee Ann - I am so grateful she is patient with my squirming boys. He looks so much better.Our most recent visit to Idaho Falls was lots of fun- it was great to see family again!LOVE this picture of Grant with Aunt Jodi!It rained most of the weekend we were there - surprise surprise - but the rain made Wyn and Dee Ann Japanese garden even more beautiful than it all ready is - I love their garden!For the last day of our neighborhood preschool I did a teddy bear picnic - the kids had so much fun taking their teddy bears through preschool - teaching them letters, singing, and helping them enjoy their snack. I am looking forward to a less structured summer - but I am going to really miss this preschool - and so will Brandon.Love these happy smiles!!!

Well that wraps up this terribly long post - wish I could say that is gets me caught up - maybe next week - I am off to youth conference and girls camp - YEAH