Friday, February 11, 2011

Teddy Bear Birthday Party for Grant

We had a Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party for Grant with my family - and it was possibly the most fun I have had at a birthday party! My cheeks and jaw muscles are still sore almost a week later from smiling so much. I woke up the follow morning hardly able to open my jaw it hurt so much - who knew? We decorated with LOTS of teddy bears, a picnic blanket in the middle of the room, a picnic basket, and balloons. In addition to celebrating Grants birthday we also celebrated my moms birthday. She chose enchiladas, corn salsa, Spanish rice, and a salad for dinner - it was yummy!! I don't think we can have a family dinner without moms corn salsa. :) The Guests of Honor!
We played a teddy bear trivia game with questions like what is the largest species of living bear? How many species of bear can you name? How many fictional bears can you name? What sports teams have a bear for a mascot? And who in our family is nick named Bear and why?
We also played teddy bear dress up with lots of Build a Bear dress up clothes from Dana (Thanks Dana!). Natalie's Everything Teddy Bear - which included - hockey skates, a skate board, underwear, a super hero cape, and a helmet - and possibly more - I can't remember. :)Lindsey's Bat Man Bear - I thought for sure she would go for the soccer bear. :)Hannah's Cinderella Bear
Scott's Jazz Bear and Taylor's Buzz Light year bear. - They were mostly good sports about dressing up the bears. :)
We colored pictures of teddy bears, looked through Grants baby scrapbook and enjoyed each others company. But the best part of the party was probably the opening of the presents and the birthday cake!!! Mom is a master DI treasure finder (she inherited the gift from her mom and I hope to some day develop the gift as well) and she found this wonderful baby grand piano for Grant. Grant LOVES music, dancing, and singing, he would happily spend hours sitting at my piano if I let him, so this gift was delightful. The smile on his face when he opened it and began playing it was one of sheer joy! I wish I could have caught it better. He has not stopped playing it! I am hoping to get a video of him dancing away while he plays and sings along to the piano. :)I saw the directions for this teddy bear cake on line and it was love at first sight! I was so pleased that it turned out. Couldn't have done it without Dana's cake supplies (thanks again Dana). Each time I make a cake and it turns out I am happily surprised and I feel like doing a little celebratory dance - I did it. Okay so that's me tooting my own horn. Please forgive me. Oh and not only did it look cute it tasted wonderful (hooray for store brand bargain cake mix and frosting! :)
Grant liked the cake as well - even after I decapitated it. And he was not at all disturbed about having only the head to smash and make a mess of. (until Hannah told him that I chopped the head off. Thanks a lot Hannah :)


Grant's Smash Cake

I think it is safe to say that when it comes to birthday's I have little control - I saw a photo collage of a baby with free range of the birthday cake and loved the pictures so I attempted to create the same thing. The result was me creating three birthday cakes in addition to his birthday pancake - no child should have that much cake - but don't worry I helped - I know also terrible, but I am happy with how these pictures turned out, so I guess it was worth it.
Love this darling face!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Grant

There will of course be many more post to come of this darling little boy! but for now I hope you enjoy this video. :)