Saturday, February 28, 2009

Enjoying the Weather

I love this time of year when you can enjoy a variety of weather. On Tuesday Brandon, Maggie and I had a good time playing in the back yard in the snow, it was the first time Brandon actually enjoyed touching the snow. We had a lot of fun throwing snowballs for Maggie to chase, packing snow into cups, and crunching the snow with our shoes. By the time we were done Brandon was completely soaked through (yes he has a snow suit but I really did not think he would get in the snow to justify putting it on). On Thursday we enjoyed going for a little stroll around the block.
On Friday we returned to the back yard to find that most of the snow had melted. I admit that I have been so anxious for the green grass to return that I raked most of the snow into places where I knew the sun would melt it quicker - it worked! Brandon felt that there was enough grass that it warranted a good trim, so he broke out the lawn mower, and had a grand time pushing it all over the back yard. We also played tag, and fetch with Maggie, and I played catch with Brandon. One of my favorite parts of having the warmer weather is that now Brandon can (and more importantly will) entertain himself in the back yard, giving me enough time to prepare lessons. YEA!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This and That

This past week has been fun and eventful. We enjoyed our Valentines day - Brandon even helped bake heart sugar cookies. :) We had fun taking care of Nicole while her mom was teaching. Brandon enjoyed teaching her how to do the laundry.And it turns out Nicole (or Cole as Brandon calls her) was the perfect motivation for him to learn how to climb up the high chair without the assistance of a chair. We had a lot of fun this weekend visiting family in Idaho Falls. Brandon is finally willing to give "nice luvs" to people. It was fun to see our nephew Trevor again, he has been at school in Arizona. Brandon was able to play with his cousin Cooper - and this time they actually got along with each other rather than Brandon pushing Cooper over.I love the nice luvs that Brandon and Cooper are giving each other. So cute!We had a lot of fun taking a walk around the falls. (Idaho Falls) We fed the ducks and geese which was a lot of fun but Maggie made it even more enjoyable by chasing the birds every time we gave her a little slack in the leash. I started a music group with a few of the other kids in our ward who are Brandon's age (they are all girls). The first two classes have been a lot fun. This month our theme is transportation (a favorite for Brandon).Dana and McKell
Karen, Emily, Nicole, McKell, and Brandon

You can see just how much Brandon is loving learning about trains, wagons, bikes, and cars. But really it is no surprise!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

This Saturday was my mom's birthday, and what a fun day it was! For her birthday she invited us to all go to the Fast Track for some racing as a family. It was a lot of fun!
Brandon and Chandler enjoyed watching the fast cars race around the track.
Afterward we went as a family to our favorite place. Let me give you a little background before I tell you where it is. My dad took over my Grandpa's job installing automatic doors (like the ones you see in hospitals, and supermarkets). Every Saturday he would take us kids to the office with him to help him scrap aluminum, the money that we earned helping him could be spent at our favorite place. Of course most of the time we didn't do much to help him. Instead we made forts with the debris from around the shop, we played with a lot of the equipment in the shop, we begged for rides on the hand trucks, and in the wheel barrels, we climbed all over the vans, trucks, and trailers, played hide-n-seek through the very large boxes, and in general had a great time! Some of my most cherished memories were of us playing at the shop., and spending the morning with my dad. After we had earned our money dad would take us to the 7-11 next door, yes that is right, our favorite place is 7-11. We would get so excited about going there we would say 7-11 a million times a day. So a new law was made, that we were not allowed to say the name of our favorite place at all on Saturday. When we were finally able to go, dad allowed us to get a hot dog, drink (Slurpee) and one treat from aisle two that was under $1.00. It was a great reward!!! Well last Saturday was the first time the whole Ron Osborn family went to 7-11 together. We each got to pick out a treat, and a drink of our choice. No doubt the darling Middle Eastern man looked at our family with great amazement, when we all came in with great excitement, and then asked him to take a family picture of us (he had quiet the laugh at our expense).

After a few fun races, and a special treat from our special place, we returned to my parents home for dinner, and a few games on the wii. In all it was a very fun day. Thanks mom for treating us to this fun outing on your birthday!!


"You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be -
I had a mother who read to me."
(Strickland Gillilan, "The Reading Mother.")
I would also add, a mother who listened to me, taught me, encouraged me, sang with me, cheered for me, played with me, and counseled me. I love you mom!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!