Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh Boy Oh Boy Another Boy

On August 27th we were finally able to find out if we were going to welcome another boy to our family or our first girl.  I have been really hoping for a girl and I was so sure that I would cry and cry if they told me I was going to have another boy.  For some reason few days before we were going to find out I started feeling really worried about the health and well being of my baby, I was sure that something was wrong, and I was preparing myself for the bad news.  When I learned that our baby was very healthy and for that matter very active I was so happy and so relieved  that I couldn't stop smiling, and when I found out we were having a boy I was truly thrilled.  Maybe it was because I was relieved about the health, or maybe it was because I really do love boys a bit more than girls, who knows?  But we are having another boy and we are excited!!
So choosing boy names has always been very difficult for Jared and me, we didn't agree on Brandon until the day of and Grant wasn't named until a few weeks before delivery.  Well Jared and I had been thinking of names since we found out we were expecting, but the list for boys names was probably 20 names long, and nothing was calling to us.  So imagine my surprise when Jared suggested, as we were leaving the doctors office, that we name him Trent Ronald Bowman, and I loved it and agreed right away - That Never Happens!!  But we were so happy about the name that it is final.  Then we looked up the meaning of Trent and had to laugh a bit, because Trent means - torrent, rapid stream.  Yikes - what are we setting ourselves up for?  It did seem appropriate though given his behavior during the ultra sound, he was a mover for sure.  Anyway, we are very excited for our little boy, Trent to arrive, and we love our little 1st pictures of him. :)


Oh funny story - I went to pick up Brandon and Grant from Dana's house after the ultra sound and I was so excited to tell them the news, but they were less than interested, so I waited to tell them when we got home, the interest only marginally improved, but I went ahead and began showing them the pictures, when I told Brandon that we were having a boy he was ticked, not one bit happy, he was really hoping for a little sister,  then I told him that we were naming our baby boy Trent and he was all but furious - he really wanted to name our baby Red Fire Rider - because that is a much better name than Trent which sounds too much like train. :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

August Adventures

Our friends and neighbors recently got a new puppy and my boys are smitten.  They call Chloe the "Little Puff Ball" and beg to play with her nearly every day.  If she happens to walk past our house, her owners know they will have to let her off her lease so she can run around with my boys before they can continue their walk.  So...we invite Chloe over for play dates, frequently, and it is a great arrangement for both Chloe and my boys, both get positively worn out after a few hours.   

 We went on a family drive a few weeks ago through Guardsmans Pass, it was BEAUTIFUL!!  I am so grateful to live where I live, so very grateful!!  I can't wait to go on this drive again as soon as the colors change, as well as a few others drives near by.  Fall is coming - YEA!!
 After our drive through Guardsmans, we ended up at Donut Falls where we met up with the Keller's to go hiking, as usual it was great fun to spend the night with them.  The hike was beautiful, even if you can no longer see the donut part of the falls, due to a massive rock slide.

 Do you know, I really enjoy boys, something about the adventures they get into is just fun.  I love playing blocks or building of any kind with them, and Grant is a pro.  This is the gun that he made, because bigger is always better with a gun, right. :)
 For a little boy having the utility trucks come by the house for any reason is thrilling, I am always grateful when the people working are cheerful with my boys.   Brandon was particularly impressed with the vacuum, it was very loud and powerful. :)
 Brandon and McKell playing in the dryer - why is the dryer so interesting to children - it is nearly impossible to keep them away.  But how in the world did they both get in and fit?  They nearly had Grant in there with them before I put a stop to their activity.
 Only a boy would think to put a hose through the hole under the mailbox and thrill at his own invented waterfall, he was soaked, but oh so happy, and how could I protest when he really wasn't making a mess of anything.  Water, gutters and little boys is a recipe for fun, I don't know how many times I have found him out there with his animals. :)
 Grant is my resident thief, if there is a tiny piece of candy he will sniff it out, no matter where it is.  He even managed to find my sisters stash of candy when we were visiting, I don't know how he does it, but it is making me crazy, I find myself wishing frequently for dead bolts on the doors and padlocks on all the cupboards and fridge, it would only slow him down, but I could use the extra minute to catch and stop him.  Props to him for his determination. :)
 We invited my cousins and their children up for a splash party, they had a great time playing in the back yard and the four of us had a great time chatting the day around.  Cute kids. :)
 I have been anxiously wanting to get rid of the trees right up against my house all summer long, and I finally got determined enough to make it happen.  I tried to do it on my own - I know I know, what is a pregnant lady like me doing with a chain saw, but surely you know what happens when a pregnant lady, me, gets an idea in my head I can't rest until it is done, no matter how impractical it is.  fortunately I have great neighbor boys who were willing to come and help me, and they looked at it as an adventure.  The finished look is such a dramatic improvement I couldn't be more pleased.  I feel like it is a new house. :)
My mom, sisters, Chandler and my boys and I went to the zoo to see the new splash pad.  We had a great time.  The weather was perfectly overcast so that all the crowds disappeared and we nearly had the zoo to ourselves.
 The Lego exhibits are lots of fun, especially the large bricks that we get to play with. :)

 Lindsey and the boys had fun on the carousel, even if they didn't get the animals they were hoping for.
 The splash pad is great, perfect to cool off on a hot day, or even a not so hot day. :)

 I thought this sign was just too fun, "The Hogle Zoo Welcomes Grant" :)
 Just the girls. :)