Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brandon's seccond 3rd Birthday - the offical day!

We woke Brandon up on his birthday by singing Happy Birthday to him - he demonstrated to us just how old he was by rolling over and telling us in so many words to go away because he was still sleepy - What three year old sleeps in past his normal wake up time on his birthday and tells his parents to leave him alone and that he doesn't want presents? Weird - well after a little coxing he decided he really did want to open presents. Most of his presents were clothes but his big present was a Cars Garage - which he loves!!After preschool we invited his preschool friends over for cake and ice cream - very casual, but lots of fun I had a lot of fun making his Lighting McQueen cake - he thought it was great - unfortunately it did not taste super great - the chocolate zucchini cake recipe was not the best - Oh Well. I am always terrified at undertaking a new cake, but I am also amazed when it actually turns out and is pretty cute - I actually really like this one and I plan on making it again for his birthday with my side of the family.

We continued celebrating his birthday that night with our immediate family and a pizza dinner with a movie. I think he had a great day! Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!!!!

More Labor Day Fun

In addition to having a great birthday party for Brandon while we were in Idaho we also enjoyed feeding the fish, feeding the ducks, playing with Cooper and Alexis, and enjoying the company of family as well as a lot of rest and relaxation.

Brandon's first 3rd Birthday

We went to Idaho Falls for Labor Day and while we there we decided to have a last minute birthday party for Brandon since that was the only time we would be seeing the Bowman side of the family. The birthday took on a Toy Story theme - Brandon got Toy Story 2 on DVD, two great Toy Story books, and Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Bullseye dolls, as well as the game Memory with the Toy Story pictures. It was so fun to have all of the family together for his birthday - Thanks to everyone for the great gifts!

Happy Belated 6 months Grant!

We just love this little boy! I am so grateful for his addition to our family!!!

Anything for a laugh!

Brandon loves to make baby Grant laugh- Crazy kid!


My son loves chocolate milk - who doesn't? Well I was apparently taking to long to fill his order for more so he took care of it himself - Great! :)