Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday in the Park - I think it was the Fourth of July!

You know the song from Chicago called Saturday in the Park - we listened to that in the car on the way to Idaho Falls over the Fourth of July - then that Saturday we lived that song - it was great! (You can hear the song on my playlist to the right) We began the day by sleeping in and relaxing the morning away, then we went crazy - we visited the zoo and saw some fun animals, then we went to the mini amusement park across the parking lot from the zoo. We enjoyed watching Brandon and Grant ride on many of the rides and then we joined them on the Farris wheel - so fun! Then we walked a little ways to a great play ground enjoyed slides, climbing and tunnels. We shared REALLY yummy ice cream cones and then headed back home. That night we had fun swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool - first time swimming for Grant and first time solo swimming for Brandon (we really do need to swim more often!). After the pool we had a family BBQ - yum! Such a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few of the pictures from the day.

On Sunday we continued the fun by visiting Grandma and Grandpa Bowman, (little did we know that it was for the last time - so glad we made the visit!) visiting Ryan and Violet in their new home, having another family dinner with everyone and doing LOTS of fireworks in the alley behind the condo - the boys loved it and enjoyed the time with their cousins. Brandon even had his first "girlfriend", which made us all laugh - a lot! He was SO attached to this cute friend of the twins (Brandon's cousins). Should I be concerned that she is 13 years old - ten years his senior? :)On Monday despite it being the holiday we spent the day driving home - Grant was a happy passenger (amazing in and of itself) Thanks to Jodi for the fun holiday sparkle-light which kept him entertained. We made it home in time to watch a few fireworks by the neighbors in the rain. What a GREAT holiday weekend!!!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Provo Freedom Fest Balloon Festival

I LOVE hot air balloons!!! I also really love my sleep time. So I surprised even myself when I decided to wake up at 5:45 in the morning today to go see the balloons in Provo. I am so glad I did - it was such a fun morning!When we drove up to the park with the Balloons Brandon was thrilled and could not get me to go fast enough to see them.We loved the smokey bear balloon and Darth Vader balloon, but our favorite was the piggy bank balloon.The Coke bottle balloon was amazing - the tallest in the world at 187 feet, I just wish it would have gotten off the ground.Love these pictures of Brandon and Grant!Really love this one of the boys!We had to go visit the fire engine, and ambulance after the balloon show :)When we left the balloons, Brandon was upset and said he wanted to go do more fun stuff - I didn't have anything else planned, but then I thought of Bridal Veil Falls, it was the perfect way to end the day. It was a bit cold at first, but we got to watch the sun rise over the mountain and then it was fine.We found a great rock pile and gathered rocks into the stroller - then we had a great time throwing them into the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall. We filled the stroller at least five times before the boys had had enough. :)Grants first time throwing a rock into water - He LOVED it - the giggles were so worth it!Brandon kept finding bigger and bigger rocks to throw in - I love boys!!!The river and surrounding were beautiful - a bit scary because of the high water - but amazing just the same.To think that this is just 20 minutes from where I live - I am so lucky!

Brandon Reciting Scripture

I have been wanting to teach my boys the gospel with a little more effort on my part, so I started posting the Primaries monthly scripture and theme, with a picture to match, on our garage door in the kitchen. Each time we sat down for a meal I would say the scripture and theme to the boys. It got to where every time we sat down at the table Grant would point to the picture of the First Vision and say ah da (translation - say it again mom - or at least that is what I decided it meant:)). Well after about two weeks of doing this I was loading the dishes and Grant pointed to the picture and said ah da - I didn't say it right away so Brandon chimed in and said the whole scripture from memory - I was SHOCKED - seriously - did my three year old just recite a scripture word for word? From then on Brandon would say the scripture - and occasionally he would say it for others.

Well while I was at the church setting up for a YW?YM activity he wanted to talk in the microphone - I told him he could if he would say the scripture and theme - he agreed and lucky for me I had my camera in my purse. It is hard to hear - and he forgets a few sentences in the middle - but I was still super happy! Yeah Brandon. I guess the scriptures are true when they say by small and simple means great things come to pass. :)

The scripture he recites is Joseph Smith History 1:17 which reads "I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all description standing above me in the air, one of them spake unto me, calling me by name, and said, pointing to the other, "This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him".

Fun at the Zoo with the Kellers

We had so much fun at the zoo while the dinosaurs were here. Our favorites - the dinosaurs that squirt water, the T-Rex, the jaguar, watching the crocodiles eat dead rats, riding the carousel, and watching the bird show - love the bird show. Enjoy the pictures - I think they speak for themselves!