Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look what I did

I really like things to be organized, but I never seem to have the motivation to organize things properly. Well yesterday I started and finished cleaning and organizing our garage. It feels so good to have that big project taken care of! Now I can find everything, and I can walk into the garage barefoot, YEAH!

Finally a new car

For months now we have been looking at getting a new car to replace our truck. We wanted something that would last for a long time and allow us to fit more children (when they arrive). So nearly every night Jared would come home with a car that he wanted to buy, and finally we found the one that suited our needs perfectly. We got a Honda Pilot! I was thrilled to finally have the quest over, and I love the Honda. It seats 8, has a 6 CD changer, DVD player, and a tape deck. It has a sun roof, seat warmers, and cruise control. It is rated well, it is safe, and it should last a long time. Best of all it is black, with tan leather interior, just like Jared wanted, and it is practical, and affordable like I wanted.

We love visitors!!!

Last weekend was so much fun because we had some great visitors, and when you live far away from family and friends it is a rare treat. My mom surprised me by bringing my grandma up for a visit with her. I love my mom and grandma, with all their quirks. The 3 of us are all very particular about how things are to be done. For example, my mom loaded my dishwasher for me, (Thanks mom!) then my grandma felt she had a better way of loading it so she fixed it, and I of course had an even better way of loading the dishwasher so I rearrange the dishes. Which makes me wonder, how do you load your dishwasher?Our other visitor was for Maggie. My next door neighbor just got a little dog, named Taz. He is full of energy, like Maggie, and my neighbor works so I offered to have Taz come over for a puppy play date. For nearly 3 hours these two dogs raced around the house and yard, it was a lot of fun and the best part was that Maggie was mellow the rest of the day

That night my sister Natalie, her husband Scott, and baby Chandler came over for a BBQ and to play games it was so much fun! By the way, if you are every looking for a new fun board game, Ticket to Ride is one of our new favorites! Or better yet, come for a visit, and we will play it with you!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

So I imagine everyone has read the book Green Eggs and Ham, and you know how the moral of the story is "try it you might like it". Well I have been thinking about chocolate on those terms. If I ever met someone who had not tried chocolate I would give them some and say "try it you might like it". It is just so good I would want them to enjoy it as much as I do.
Well I realized that I feel the same way about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love this church, and I know that it's teachings are good and true. This is why I want my family members and others to try it. I think that is what Moroni's promise is all about. He says "And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." Book of Mormon, Moroni, 10:4-5. In other words, "try it you might like it". I love this church and so I want everyone to be able to enjoy it's good news as much as I do. So to my family who I love dearly, "try it" find the good and the joy that can be yours, "you might just like it".

Trip to Idaho Falls

We went to Idaho Falls this last weekend so that Jared could bless his nephew's little baby boy. Jared and Ryan look so much alike it is funny. We had a great time, and we got some great family pictures. Cooper was born 1 month premature, he had a broken arm, and he has 4 soft spots that will never go away, but he is doing really well now, he is out of the hospital, and we are thrilled! It was so fun to see family!This is a four generation picture of Charles'. Great Grandpa Charles, Grandpa Wyn Charles, Daddy Jared Charles, and Brandon Charles. Great Grandpa Charles is 98 years old, WOW!Brandon is so happy when he gets to go for rides in Grandpas chair!
Brandon and Cooper.

Brandon's 1st Hair Cut

Brandon has been growing this amazing little mohawk, and his hair has been getting too long in the front, so Grandma DeeAnn kindly cut his hair after cutting Jared's hair. Brandon seemed to really enjoy himself, and I am proud to say that I did not cry, I did however save the hair. Brandon still has the mohawk, but it is not as pronounced. He looks very handsome!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

It is my dads birthday today, and so I have been thinking about what a great dad he is and all of the wonderful memories that I have with him. Some of my favorite memories include "growing" to the office every Saturday to scrap aluminum, afterwords we would go to 7-11 and pick out a treat, to go with our hot dog lunch. Natalie and I loved to play at the office with old boxes, hand trolleys, wheel barrels, old bricks that we would turn into forts, and anythings else that we could find.

I remember going to Vernal (Dinosaur land) with Natalie and my dad, because my dad had a service call. Dad fixed our van so that we could ride in the back on a little platform (pre-seat belt laws) we had our blankets, pillows, dolls, books, and other paraphernalia back there. It was so fun!!

I remember going on lots of bike rides with my dad. One time we even rode our bikes through the drive through at Artic Circle. Even now my dad rides bikes with my 18 and 16 year old brothers, only they are much more adventurous and daring.

I love that my dad and I have always shared an interest in music. When I was little I would listen to him play the guitar while I went to sleep, or while Natalie and I danced. Then when I learned how to play the piano he would play the guitar with me and sing along. He would always have a new band, or CD to listen to with me. My dad has a great voice, and great taste in music!
I remember every time we went on a road trip (and we did them often) we would stop at many of the rest stops, not just to use the restroom, but to go on mini hikes, and look for animals. I gained my love for animals from my dad. He could catch any lizard, or grasshopper it was amazing!

I remember as kids anytime we saw dad coming home we would quickly hide, somehow he was always surprised when we jumped out to say hello.
I remember for a family home evening we were in the back yard, and dad was telling us the story about how Jesus changed the water into wine. My dad pulled one pitcher of water out of a paper bag, put it back in the bag, and then pulled out the same pitcher with grape juice in it. WOW!

My dad is a very patient man! I was a very difficult child! One year I managed to let my "temper monster" out to many times and I put many holes in the walls, garage door, and bedroom doors, he never yelled or scolded. Then one day, after he had recently fixed the bedroom door my temper monster came out again and I put another new hole in the door, well that finally did it. My dad kicked a bigger hole right through the door. I was shocked, and I learned my lesson. Of course I am laughing now as I write about it.

My dad is also a very generous man. He was always helping someone with a home project, family matter, or their computers. I remember many times going out to help him shovel the snow and we would end up shoveling many of the neighbors snow as well.

I remember getting into a water fight with my dad in the house, I hid in the laundry room filling up a bucket of water to throw on him, When I thought it was safe I came out quietly to find him, He got me first with a large pot of water from the kitchen. Clearly I lost the water fight. :)

My dad has a great sense of humor, he keeps us laughing. I love my dad, and I am convinced that he is the greatest dad in the whole world!
Thanks dad for being a great grandpa, father-in-law, and dad, I love you! So dad, I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday! You deserve it!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finding Joy in the Moments

I look forward to General Conference every year! I love to hear the messages from our church leaders. It was especially exciting this year to listen to our new prophet speak, President Monson is a wonderful man. I also love conference because I get to stay in my pj's all day, Jared makes a yummy breakfast, and I get to snuggle with Jared, Maggie and Brandon. I was grateful for the message that Elder Ballard gave concerning mothers, particularly young mothers, like me. He said one of the four ways to find joy in being a mother is to find joy in the moments. I loved that thought. There really are so many moments in which we can find joy. So today I thought I would share a few with you. About a week ago while I was attempting to put Brandon to sleep for the night Jared came in and began to play and wrestle with Maggie. Maggie was delighted, but what made it such a wonderful moment was that Brandon was giggling at everything Maggie or Jared did, Brandon even giggled when they did not do anything, consequently Jared and I were laughing. This went on for about 45 min. It was so fun to play with the whole family at the end of the day, it made me think of the primary song "We are a Happy Family" and you know what, we are!
Last night I had another happy moment. Brandon has been refusing to take a bottle, I am flattered, :) but I am also tired of being on demand all the time, so Jared and I have been working on trying to convince Brandon that bottles are really not that bad. Well last night Brandon willingly drank one whole ounce from the bottle, now this may not seem like much, but for Brandon it was a great milestone, and for me a great moment!

On Saturday we went to my parents home to celebrate my dad's birthday. I love watching my sibling interact with Brandon. My teenage brothers are never too busy or cool to play with their nephew. While we were there my mom was holding Brandon up to the front windows. Brandon was thrilled to watch cars, people and animals pass by. It was a great moment to see how Brandon is becoming so aware of the big world around him.

So thank you Elder Ballard for your words of encouragement, love and insight. I will try harder to find joy in the moments, no matter how small they may be.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring-are we there yet?

I was so excited when I went out to get the mail and I saw my flowers poking up out of the ground. Yeah!!! I have cabin fever so I am so excited that spring is on the way. Pretty soon we can go on walks, go swimming, hiking, boating and camping, and I can get started on my mile long list of yard work projects. I look forward to walking barefoot on the green grass, setting up the hammock in the back yard, having Jared grill our dinners, and flying kites! Now if the snow in my front yard would just melt we would be on our way. So hurry up spring, I can hardly wait!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Miss Magnolia aka Maggie

I think that I am pretty lucky, because not a day goes by when I don't laugh, because of my dog. Maggie is hilarious!! Maggie has more personality than any other animal I have ever met. She is never one to miss a party, no matter how tired she is, but really I don't think she ever gets tired. She would play tug, chase, fetch, keep away, and any other game you can think of for hours.
Some of her favorite toys include a stuffed westie (intended to satisfy Jared before he could get a real westie, Maggie made it hers on day one) which we lovingly refer to as "Friend". Friend helped us litter box train Maggie, and helped us crate train Maggie. To my amazement Friend has survived hours of tug and wrestling (thanks to Gund for making a quality product).Maggie also thinks that empty milk jugs are the greatest. She will chase them around the house crashing into everything (unfazed), and chew on them for hours, they are a very noisy , but fun toy.Empty peanut butter jars are also a favorite, for obvious reasons. they have proven to be a great tool for keeping her busy so that I can teach piano lessons in peace.

Some of Maggie other favorite things include, squirrel (which is in terrible shape, not worthy of a picture), ball, walks, and baths (yes she really does like them, she even gets jealous when I am giving Brandon a bath). She loves barking at cats, dogs, children, and anything that passes our house. She loves tearing up tissues and newspaper. She gives great "pet"icures (by liking my feet, which really does feel good). She is a great guard dog. :) ha haShe always greets you when you come home, but best of all Maggie loves Brandon (even when Brandon grabs her fur and wont let go), and Brandon loves her, he giggles every time he sees her, and he loves her kisses, all though I am not a big fan.So here's to you Maggie, thanks for making me laugh everyday. You are a great addition to our family!!!