Friday, April 11, 2014

Ice Castles

Two weeks after having Trent we went with the Keller's to the Midway Ice Castles.  We made the mistake of going on a Saturday night, so it was very crowded, dark, and cold.  We also didn't think to wear boots, so our foot attire was terrible and the minute we walked in our feet were freezing.  But the ice castles were stunning and we still had a great time.  Of course it is impossible to not have a great time when we are with the Keller's, our boys get a long so well and we always enjoy each others company.  After the ice castles we went back to our house for dinner and play/visiting time.  Trent was a trouper, he was bundled up in the baby carrier and slept happily the whole time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trents Photo Shoot

My brother has become a very talented photographer, so naturally I had him do some pictures of me and Trent.  I LOVE them!!  Especially the ones with all three of my darling boys.  Scott did such a great job capturing my boys true smiles, it makes me so happy!  I could stare at the pictures for hours.

 My Brandon with his very blue eyes - he is so handsome!
 This darling hat was made by one of my cute YW Jodie - it was so cute, especially when Trent was wearing it. :)
 The darling blue blanket was a gift handmade by one of my friends and neighbors, Cheri Dascomb, I love it!

 This is my favorite of Trent!  His cute onesie was a gift from another friend and neighbor, Kelli Winn.

 This teddy bear was from Jared, each of our boys has a teddy bear that they have attached themselves too, so naturally Trent needed his. :)
 This picture is so funny to me.  My sister Lindsey LOVES gorillas and she has a large collection of them, she wanted a picture of Trent with the gorilla, I love his scowling face. :)  The gorilla dwarfs Trent. :)
 Baby toes are a wonderful thing, why do they have to turn into ugly feet?

 My mom took this picture mid photo shoot with her phone - I think it is one of my favorites :)
Love all the wonderful pictures Scott - thanks for sharing your talent!!

Welcome Home Trent

On Sunday Jared got the boys ready for church and then dropped them off at my visiting teachers home (Janet Greenhalgh) so that she could take them to church.  I was grateful that Jared was able to come and bring Trent and me home without having to worry about Brandon and Grant.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning and then went home to introduce Trent to Pete and Annabelle. 
 Pete and Annabelle were only mildly interested in Trent - very different from Maggie who was super fascinated with Grant and Brandon.  Pete even barked and growled when the car-seat (with Trent inside) jerked.  Fortunately he has since calmed down and there has been no change in their behavior.

 When church was over Janet and her husband and daughter (Jodie) dropped off Brandon and Grant and came to meet Trent.  I am so very grateful for great visiting teachers and the Relief Society!

 Throughout the next week we were blessed with many visitors, gifts and meals brought in.  It was a bit overwhelming how many people reached out to us.  We had so much food brought in I didn't have to fix dinner for nearly a month.  We were given so many diapers and wipes, that until a few days ago I have not need to buy any diapers, and I still do not need any wipes (I don't think I ever will).
 Brandon's good friend (girl friend) Rachel and her mom, Heather, came to visit after letting Brandon and Grant play at their house all day.  Not only did Heather tend my boys all day, she also brought dinner, outfits and a darling blanket.
 My former Young Women (the Laurel class) girls spent one of their activities making freezer dinner meals and brought me two and then spent some time visiting with me and holding Trent.  I love my girls!!!!
 Another new friend the piano player in primary is a florist in town.  He not only made us an amazingly delicious meal he also brought these beautiful flowers that brightened up the winter days.
 I am still in awe of all the amazing service that was given to us, so many meals, babysitting, gifts and cleaning done on our behave.  I really do not know how anyone has a new baby without the Relief Society and the good friendships that come as a result, and for that matter the many good friends that come from being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
 Snuggle time with daddy, he is so tiny compared to his daddy, it is hard to imagine that someday he will be that big.
 It is a tradition for Jared to do the "doopa doo" dance with each of our boys, it is so funny to watch, but it was even more funny this time because of the way Brandon and Grant were laughing.  This video make me happy!
 He is so adorable!
 Brandon and Grant can not get enough of their brother.  And I can not leave Trent unattended without them "helping".  One day I had just finished my shower, I went in to check on Trent, he was sleeping and perfectly fine, I went back to finish dressing, and doing my hair, 5 minutes later I could hear Trent crying so I went to check on him again.  Brandon had managed to get Trent out of his crib, completely undressed, diaper changed, new onesie on and he was in the process of putting his arms into a new outfit and Trent was not having it, which is why he was crying.  I was totally amazed, both that Brandon could accomplish what he did, and that he could do it so fast.
 Who knew a yawning baby could be so darling and funny. :)  I love this picture.
 Burrito boys :)  All of my boys have loved being wrapped up as tight as possible, so Brandon and Grant wanted a turn to be wrapped up tight like their brother. :)
 They thought this was the funniest thing I had ever done to/for them :)
 One day I found myself stuck with Trent sleeping on my tummy and Grant sleeping in my arms, it was wonderful!  I would happily be stuck in such a situation every day.

I am so grateful that Brandon and Grant both love their little brother so very much!
I am truly blessed to have three darling boys!!