Friday, January 7, 2011


Brandon cracks me up on a daily basis. I wanted to be sure I recorded some of his latest antics.

#1 During Christmas we had all of our Christmas book out - Brandon loved reading all of them and Jared and I were happy to oblige him. Well he let his curiosity get the better of him and he ripped apart the foam cover of one of our children's books - I was so upset and I wanted him to understand the damage he had done so I told him to fix it - the conversation continued
B - I can't
M - I can't either
B - take it to Dr Berg
M - he can't fix it either
B - HE CAN!!
If only the doctor could fix everything :)

#2 I love watching Brandon play with his toys - he is starting to show his imagination and give the toys personalities. The other day he was playing with his Lightening McQueen car and Mac trailer, Mac was apparently the dad and McQueen was the son
Mac - I love you son
McQueen - I love you dad
Mac - Always and forever
McQueen -Always and forever
and it continued from there, I thought it was darling seeing through the toys and Brandon's eyes the way he view his relationship with his dad - I am so grateful for their cute relationship!

#3 There is a disagreement between Jared and me about what Brandon and Grants first words are. Jared is convince that they both said Dad first. Yes they both make the da da da da sound first but I don't think it counts as a word. Well a few days ago Grant was on the changing table and Brandon was "helping", Grant began saying da da da da and Brandon looked at him and said 'Dad's not here - then he went to the door, opened it up and said "see he's not here". I guess I am outnumbered on that one.

#4 He is in the process of potty training - I know - we should be done by now, but he and I are taking our time - anyways while potty training he spends a good portion of the day partially or completely undressed. Which in and of itself is funny to watch, but for Christmas this year he got a pair of spider man boots that he loves - he wears them all the time regardless of whether we are outside or not. So the other day he was running around in his underwear and boots - so cute! Then he draped a blanket over his shoulders and told me he was prince charming - boy is he ever!! ;)

#5 We were watching Homeward Bound the other day - Love that movie - if you do not remember it is the one with the two dogs and the cat that run away and find their way home through the mountains. Well at the very end of the movie - Shadow falls into a hole and brakes his leg and the audience is left thinking he is gone for good. Then one by one the animals come over the hill to return to their people and just when you think Shadow will not be returning he hobbles over the hill as well. I cry every time - I'm a whip! Well while Brandon and I were watching it I could tell that Brandon was also touched - and the conversation went as follows
M - he came back
B - he came back to life
M - he did?
B - he was resurrected
M - he was?
B - Jesus was resurrected and he came back to life just like Shadow
What could I say? I love that he is understanding the basic concepts of the gospel, and I am so impressed with his memory for vocabulary! Cute boy!

#6 Brandon has had a terrible cough this week so I got him some medicine yesterday - it is helping. Well I got pink eye - ugh! I was laying on the bed this morning putting the drops in my eye, Brandon wanted to know what I was doing so I told him I was taking medicine. He promptly went to the bathroom and got the little medicine cup and filled it up with water and administered it to me - then in his grown up way said there is that better - I said yes thank you - he said your welcome and told me I needed one more - well of course I did ( I wish I could convey the manner in which he talks and acts when he is being big and helpful - it is just too sweet!) Five cups later he went to the living room to get a blanket and then tucked me in with the blanket. Then he asked me if I needed a story before my nap - well sure that would be great. So he got my scriptures of the nightstand and asked if I would like a "Scripture Power" story - of course I did, he told me to read the whole thing - yeah right :) so I opened up to the marker where Jared and I have been reading and read the highlighted verse -And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All scripture is given by inspiration of God- 2 Timothy 3:15-16 I was so touched. I read it two ways the first; that since my childhood I have been taught the scriptures and now here was Brandon a child also being taught from the scriptures. The second way I read it was that from a child (Brandon) I have known the scriptures - or been given the scriptures and then encouraged to read. Such a tender moment!

I sure do love being a parent and a mom especially - and a stay at home mom to boot. Don't get me wrong - it is HARD!!!! But these moments make it worth it.
Brandon just peed in my snow boot - not kidding - gotta go! :)