Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthdays, Holliday's, and More

I have loved spending as much time as possible in the yard doing yard work. Brandon has started "helping me" he loves to steal all of my gardening tools and dig in the dirt with them, he enjoys loading my weed bucket with rocks and dirt, and when he isn't helping me he is playing with all of his toys or just being sweet by giving me loves and pats on the back. I just love this boy!!! When we are finished doing the yard work I will try to reward him and Maggie with a walk, we love it when Dana and McKell come with us. These pictures are from my camera phone which is proving to be very handy! These two are cute!! Brandon has two best friends here in Heber, Nicole and McKell. Nicole just celebrated her 2nd birthday and had a train party with Brandon and McKell. Nicole can not get enough of trains, and McKell has two older brothers and a super fun mom which has provided her with a large collection of trains and tracks. I think if a two year old could have envy Brandon would defiantly have for the trains these two girls have. He is frequently requesting "Cole, Kell, CooCoo" meaning he wants to play with Nicole Mckell and the Choo Choo's. I think I will be having a train party for Brandon as well - they are just so fun and they keep him occupied for hours!

Our music group has been going very well! This months theme was SPLASH. We did manage to sing a few songs like Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath, Row Row Row Your Boat, and Give Said the Little Stream, but mostly we just had fun splashing in the pool, water slide, or waterworks toys. At the begging of the month Brandon was very hesitant about getting in the pool, but he loves it now, Hooray!

Jared celebrated his 30th birthday on the 16th! It was a big deal! He loves banana nut cake from a specific store in Bountiful, I procrastinated getting it and in desperation looked for one all over town with no luck so I made one myself. I love baking, but cake- from scratch - Yikes! Lucky for me it actually turned out, I even managed to frost it and make it look half way decent, Yeah! I decorated the garage for his birthday which he was probably more embarrassed by then grateful for, but I had fun. :)

Jared received a new pair of fly fishing waders, and a wii. (I have been having a lot of fun with it :)For Jared birthday dinner he chose PF Changes - Yum! Good choice Jared! Happy 30th! Hope you had a great one!We went to Buttlerville Days in Cottonwood Height (where I grew up) They had a great festival going on with beautiful model cars, and two helicopters for looking at and playing in, Brandon of course loved them, especially when they took of and circled the park!He also enjoyed playing on a playground which has swings for toddlers, these things seem to be going extinct because this was the first time he has been able to swing on one, He loved it and giggled the whole time, then he cried when we left. :(The festival includes a sandcastle building contest which my brother Scott and Lindsey both entered with a few friends. Scott's friends won 1st place, Scott and a few other friends won 2nd place and Lindsey's friend won 3rd place earning them each gift cards to Target.

It has been a great month! Can't wait to see what next month will bring!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

With Much Anticipation!

Our cozy little home is getting a new addition! It should be arriving in February. Can you guess what it is? Yes, we are expecting our second little child. We are so excited! It is due on the 7th - my mom's birthday. :) We of course have no idea what we are having but as soon as we find out we will let you know? Do you have any guesses? So far this pregnancy has been very different from the one with Brandon in that I have been feeling sick - I have so much more sympathy for those of you who have morning sickness when you are pregnant - it stinks! But just the same we are thrilled! Now we just have to make a space for it to live. Good thing we have that great entertainment center with lots of new storage. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Entertainment Center

For about a year and a half I have been looking for a new entertainment center. We have been using the one Jared had in his room when he was a teenager, and it was showing it's age. I also didn't like it because it was entirely too open for Brandon - he had access to all the components, chords, and decorations. But the worst thing about it was that the only thing keeping it from tipping over was the heavy TV, and the few pieces of cardboard underneath to level it - it was far from safe for a toddler. Well FINALLY we found the perfect entertainment center, for the perfect price (I felt like I was stealing it), and from the perfect location. We found it on KSL classifieds in Heber (which made moving it easy) for only $300. What a deal! I love everything about this entertainment center. It is a beautiful color, has great storage (I was able to completely empty one of my closets) and it is just so pretty! Thank you Jared for finding it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July Idaho trip

This year we spent the 4th of July at Jared's families cabin in Island Park. We had a great time with grandparents and cousins. Jared spent most of his time fishing and was very successful. I spent most of my time sleeping and reading. We also enjoyed four wheeling, hiking, and our day in West Yellowstone. Each year West Yellowstone has a parade and a fireworks display. Brandon loved both. We also enjoyed watching Guy's and Dolls at the Playmill Theater. I also included pictures from our trip last year because I was just recently able to finally get them onto the computer. We sure do love being able to go to the cabin each year!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eden Family Vacation

My sister Lindsey has a soccer tournament each year in Eden Utah. Every year we make a little family trip out of it. We had so much fun this year going to the petting zoo, riding in the bike trailor, and playing on the beach, not to mention the fun time we had watching Lindsey play soccer! THANKS MOM and DAD for the FUN TRIP!!!!

Summer Play Group

This summer the enrichment committee in my ward asked me to put together a play group for the kids and moms in the ward. We have had so much fun. The first theme was Dinosaurs - we dug for bones, read books, watch a volcano explode, and played with dinosaurs. Last week was Aloha. We swam, played in the sprinklers, looked for sea shells, made candy leis, did the limbo and hula danced, and colored pictures of fish. It is so much fun putting these things together. This week we did USA and had all the kids decorate their bikes and then put on a little parade. They also got to get their face painted and play with balloons. I took lots of fun pictures, but I don't have them downloaded yet - next week. Next week we are doing the Land of Make Believe with fairies, giants, dragons, unicorns, etc. I was going to have the kids dress up, and make magic wands, crowns, and masks. Do you have any other ideas - this week is proving to be a little harder than the others. Thanks