Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Highlights from 2007

I had a baby!!! What could be better! Brandon Charles Bowman was born on Sept 14th. He is the light of my life. Being a mother is more rewarding then I could have imagined. Brandon was a large 9 lb. 3 oz.. My favorite things about Brandon are his five cowlicks, (the best of which is the curly one front and center on his forhead) his dimple on his right cheek, and the way he smells.

My sister had a baby! The next best thing to having a baby is when your sister has a baby. What makes it so wonderful is that she had a boy, Chandler Van Stamm, so now Brandon has a cousin just 1 month younger than him, and Natalie and I get to experiance motherhood together.

Halloween I finally had a child to celebrate this holladay with, and the best part is that he seemed to enjoy it too!
Teaching Preschool with my sister I love teaching children, I love teaching at Challenger Schools, I love working with my sister, and I love making a fool of myself on clown days. But I really love doing all these things at the same time! What a great way to end the school year.

My son celebrated his 1st Christmas I loved having a child to celebrate with, even though he does not understand what is going on, and he can not open up the presents it was still special. He was the best present of all.

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