Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neglect = Catch-up

Last week Brandon and I went with Chandler, Natalie, Scott and Mama Julie to the zoo. I have been looking forward to this ever since I learned that one of our elephants was expecting. She had a baby girl in September named Zuri - and she is so very cute and so small (in comparison:))We had so much fun watching Zuri run around, play with the ball, and cuddle up to her mom.Isn't she darling!!!!!!Scott was a great help since I forgot the stroller, Brandon was very sad when it came time to say good by - such a fun uncle!Brandon finally tried a drink form the lions head - a hogle zoo tradition. :)I love all the babies right now - the baby giraffe is also darling and so fun to watch. She is very small measuring in at 7 + feet.Of course we had to play on the tigers. My poor nephew Chandler broke his leg so he is in a large cast covering his entire right leg, his hips, and part of his left leg. I just breaks my heart to see little kids hurt but he is doing so well! He army crawls everywhere and he is still very cheerful and agreeable - Chandler is one tuf little boy!!!Again more baby animals to love. These tigers are getting bigger and bigger each time I see them, but they are always active and fun to watch!The carousel was a great way to end our trip to the zoo! Yeah for Natalie Chandler Scott and Mama for making our trip so fun!And last but not least the fun ball covered in water. :) Brandon was soaked. :)

For Activity Day's we did a service project "Adopt a Grandma / Tea Party". It was a hit! The girls each made darling invitations for their grandmas and then hosted a great tea party. They helped with the decorations, making the cucumber, and ham and apple sandwiches, as well as all of the clean up. I think they and the grandmas had a great time getting to know each other.We played games like, pass the parcel, the thimble game (one of my favorites), and whats missing. We ate yummy finger foods like sugar cookies, chocolate cookies, lemon squares, grapes and strawberries, and sandwiches, and of course we had tea. I enjoyed the food so much that Jared and I have become wanna-be English people. We watch our British comedies EVERY night and enjoy a cup of tea occasionally accompanied with cucumber sandwiches or ham and apple sandwiches - YUM!!!! Doesn't that table look darling. ;) Many thanks to Dana for lending us her many tea decorations and dishes!
McKell had her 2nd birthday - it was so much fun! He birthday was centered around the classic story "The Hungry Caterpillar". We colored pictures of all the food the Caterpillar eats and we got to sample all the food.
Dana made such a cute (and yummy) Caterpillar cake!!!The kids each got to hatch out of their eggs with butterfly wings and antenna.The caterpillar hunt was probably Brandon favorite part of the day. He got to take home 5 caterpillars and we are still playing with them nearly a month later. :)McKell and Nicole are such cute little butterflies!

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Allison said...

Looks like lots of fun! Jack saw a commercial for baby Zuri the other day and since then has been asking to see the baby elephant. I'm going to break down one of these days and actually take him.

Wow, what a great activity day - I bet the girls love you!