Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My cute puppy dog!

This was Brandon's first year trick-or-treating! He was sure we were torchering him. :) He did not want to wear his puppy costume for anything! And the whole idea of knocking on others doors didn't sound very exciting. However after a few houses he started to really enjoy himself, although he still did not understand that this was a receiving holiday where you get the treats - he kept taking treats out of his bucket and tried to give them to each house. So cute. :) I wish he was always this great about sharing. ;) His favorite part of the evening was meeting up with his two friends "Little Red Riding Hood " McKell, and "Ballerina" Nicole. They were so cute in their costumes. I wish I had thought to take many more pictures!


Allison said...

he is such a cute kid! Love the puppy costume!

Jen said...

He is adorable! You make cute kiddos!