Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He makes me happy!

I just love the little grin that Grant gives just before he falls into a deep sleep. I also love the big smile he shows us when Jared plays his games with him - if only I could get the cute smile on camera! Oh he makes me so happy!!!!
I wish I could be so cozy! Why do they have to grow up so fast?


Rebecca said...

That is SO cute!!

Alana said...

he is adorable! He has your beautiful eyelashes!

Betsy said...

It sounds like you're enjoying every little thing about this stage as much as I am with my little one! He is adorable!

Jen said...

Oh, he is a DOLL! I need to hold him and smell him! I love newbies so much! Believe me, it's really sad when you know it's your last! You just make every moment last, but you can't slow it down! So sad! Congratulations! Your boys are both precious!

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Allison said...

These pictures are so sweet of Grant!

I'm extremely jealous that Brandon is potty trained...I like the potty party idea and may have to try it!

And it looks like Brandon did well at the dentist...Jack was petrified the first time I took him (6 months ago). We have another appt. in May, hopefully it will go better!

Natalie said...

So, so cute! What a little cuddle-muggins! I hope we get to meet him soon :)

j and k said...

He is SO cute, Michelle! Congrats! WHat a darling family!