Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brandon's seccond 3rd Birthday - the offical day!

We woke Brandon up on his birthday by singing Happy Birthday to him - he demonstrated to us just how old he was by rolling over and telling us in so many words to go away because he was still sleepy - What three year old sleeps in past his normal wake up time on his birthday and tells his parents to leave him alone and that he doesn't want presents? Weird - well after a little coxing he decided he really did want to open presents. Most of his presents were clothes but his big present was a Cars Garage - which he loves!!After preschool we invited his preschool friends over for cake and ice cream - very casual, but lots of fun I had a lot of fun making his Lighting McQueen cake - he thought it was great - unfortunately it did not taste super great - the chocolate zucchini cake recipe was not the best - Oh Well. I am always terrified at undertaking a new cake, but I am also amazed when it actually turns out and is pretty cute - I actually really like this one and I plan on making it again for his birthday with my side of the family.

We continued celebrating his birthday that night with our immediate family and a pizza dinner with a movie. I think he had a great day! Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!!!!

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