Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentines Day

How cute are these two valentines - I am really beginning to LOVE these dogs!
We had a wonderful V Day complete with take out Chinese food, heart shaped sugar cookies, and V Day gifts.  I was however frustrated with two things.  I tried for many days and hours to put together a CD for Jared of our favorite songs, many songs from our wedding video and recordings of the boys singing, talking and laughing.  My hope was to have it made before Valentine morning so I could sneak it into his car, that way when he got in the car he would get a musical surprise from his kids wishing him a happy valentines.  Well I managed to record the boys on my digital recorder and I even managed to get them on the computer with many hours of frustration and lots of help from my excellent computer guy (aka, brother-in-law, Dave) but for the life of me I could not get the files to record onto a CD.  After several hours waisted I tried to salvage the day with a V Day card, and cookies - Oh well.  My other frustration is the missing tradition of leaving a V Day gift, card, or treat on your neighbors and friends doorsteps and then doorbell ditching.  Why do we not do this anymore?  It was a great and super fun tradition.  I grew up loving valentines day because of this tradition and could never completely understand why it became all about the romance, expensive gifts, flowers, chocolates and the self pity of not having a sweetheart.  We all have someone special to love - so why do we not focus on that and then doorbell ditch them?  My parents were so sneaky when I was growing up, leaving little treats on the door and ringing the door bell from inside the house, or running through the garage after ringing the door bell.  I tried to be sneaky with my boys and do the same thing - but we are in too small of quarters for that to work, so I failed - and they really didn't seem to care about the door bell ringing anyways.  Aside from my little grr moments of the day - it was super fun and the boys loved their; I Love You and All Kinds of Kisses books.  Next Year I am going to resurrect doorbell ditching - so watch out neighbors :)

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