Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Martin Luther King Day at the Zoo

Turns out that going to the zoo in the winter is a lot of fun.  I wasn't so sure when Jared suggested it, but we really did have a great time, and the animals were more active.

 The snow leopard was a hit, he was literally running around his exhibit, so the boys were of course following it running from window to window and giggling the whole time.
 We were watching the lynx pace its exhibit when it stopped and began stalking something, we turned around to see what it was stalking, it was stalking the tiger that was up and walking around, so of course we began watching the tiger.  I have never been to the zoo and seen all the big cats up and moving around, it was great! 
 Then the tiger began climbing the pine tree and eating the pine needles, we were very confused, why would a tiger eat pine needles?  It was impressive to see the tiger stretched out to its full length.  I love tigers.
 The giraffes were also a lot of fun, it was great to see the baby giraffe.
Even though it was cold outside, the zoo has buildings placed just frequently enough that you could get warm and then continue.  Also the reptile house that is usually miserable in the summer is delightful in the winter, its just the warm humid break you need. :) 

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