Friday, May 3, 2013

Fishing and Unwelcome House Guests

Last Saturday we went for a family adventure up Lake Creek hoping to find a small lake and camping site that we want to try out this summer.  We drove as far as we could and then the snow stopped us from going further, so we turned around and stopped at this little pond to do a little exploring.  It was beautiful!  Jared and Brandon had a good time tromping through the trees (though I am sure they will think twice before they do it again - I'll tell you why at the end of the post). 
 Grant and I stayed on the path and had fun throwing rocks in the pond -Grant is hard wired to search for good throwing rocks when he finds any body of water, so funny!

 After exploring this little pond, we drove across town to Wasatch State Park to let the boys fish.  Grant got his own fishing pole for his birthday and he has been talking about going fishing for some time now.  And of course Brandon had so much fishing with his dad last year that he could hardly wait to go again.  Brandon had a GREAT time, Grant enjoyed it for a little while and then was done.
 How cute are these boys sitting on the bank waiting for their fish to bite. :)
 Well it took a while to catch the first fish, but it was so worth the wait.  Brandon caught the first one, and Grant was so happy for him, the video is darling if you listen for Grants voice.
 I absolutely love Brandon's face every time he caught a fish, his full smile, dimples and all, is so precious!
 After the first fish, Grant was next to catch a fish, You can barely hear him, but he is giggling as he tries to real it in.
 Grant thought fishing was great, right up until we asked him to hold the fish for a picture, he was not having it, he didn't even want to get near it, he didn't like it splashing him.  So after his first fish he was less enthusiastic about fishing.  Brandon and Jared however were hooked :) and they could have fished all day long if Grant and I would have let them.
 We caught six fish in all in just a couple of hours of fishing.  We discovered what they like for bait, and while we are not super proud of it, we are happy that it lends to a great experience for Brandon.  We use garlic power bait - I am still surprised that my somewhat snobby fisher man of a husband has agreed to use power bait, but I am glad for it, because if Brandon because as enthusiastic about fishing Jared will have a great fishing companion!
 This is my effort to help Grant hold the fish he caught, I had a death grip on Grant and the fish to get this shot, fortunately both the fish and Grant recovered. :)

 Jared was especially pleased that we were able to catch and release all of our fish successfully, although we did have a few close calls.

Okay - so fast forward to Sunday morning; Jared is getting ready for his first meeting and finds a tick near his left arm pit - Gross!  After a bit of panic we call our Bishop who is a camping expert and ask how to get the tick out.  Jared succeeds, and after looking on line learns that it is wise to save the tick incase you do get a disease so that you can show it to your doctor.  So Jared puts the tick in the lid of some medicine and proceeds to get ready and leave for his meeting.  On his way to his meeting he calls me and asks me to go put the tick in a baggy and put the medicine away before the boys can get into it.  I promptly go to handle the nasty task only to discover that the tick is not there, I hunt everywhere, I call Jared, he is sure that is where it is, I hunt again, it is gone.  That pest of a tick has up and walked away and is now living somewhere in my bathroom!!!!!!  Not only is there a tick living in my bathroom, but Grant has had diarrhea twice that morning, and he is potty training so both poorly contained in underwear.  I had been cleaning carpets all morning, and now I HAD to clean my bathroom.  I scoured the bathroom, hoping the chemicals would kill it off.  I felt much better after and then somehow managed to get both boys and myself bathed and ready for church in time.  What a morning! 

Fast forward again to Monday night; Jared and I are getting both boys ready for bed and Jared sees a tick (we are pretty sure this is a different one because it seems a bit bigger) crawling up his shirt, well in the chaos, the tick gets lost, did it fall on the carpet, did in land inside his shirt pocket, or maybe it managed its way inside Jared's shirt and is setting up camp?  We don't know.  So again I am on a mad hunt for a tiny tick.  That night Grant wakes me up because he has thrown up all over his bedding and bedroom floor.  So Tuesday morning I begin cleaning.  I must have done 10 loads of laundry, I emptied, sanitized and reorganized every kitchen cupboard.  I dusted every possible surface, I scrubbed the boys bathroom, and hoped and prayed that I had killed every germ and tick that had been trying to attack my family!  I think it worked because Grant seems to be much better and we have not had any more run ins with microscopic blood sucking pests!

Hopefully now we have learned that if we are going on family adventures that involve us traipsing through the woods we will wear sunscreen AND bug repellent with Deet!

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