Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh Boy Oh Boy Another Boy

On August 27th we were finally able to find out if we were going to welcome another boy to our family or our first girl.  I have been really hoping for a girl and I was so sure that I would cry and cry if they told me I was going to have another boy.  For some reason few days before we were going to find out I started feeling really worried about the health and well being of my baby, I was sure that something was wrong, and I was preparing myself for the bad news.  When I learned that our baby was very healthy and for that matter very active I was so happy and so relieved  that I couldn't stop smiling, and when I found out we were having a boy I was truly thrilled.  Maybe it was because I was relieved about the health, or maybe it was because I really do love boys a bit more than girls, who knows?  But we are having another boy and we are excited!!
So choosing boy names has always been very difficult for Jared and me, we didn't agree on Brandon until the day of and Grant wasn't named until a few weeks before delivery.  Well Jared and I had been thinking of names since we found out we were expecting, but the list for boys names was probably 20 names long, and nothing was calling to us.  So imagine my surprise when Jared suggested, as we were leaving the doctors office, that we name him Trent Ronald Bowman, and I loved it and agreed right away - That Never Happens!!  But we were so happy about the name that it is final.  Then we looked up the meaning of Trent and had to laugh a bit, because Trent means - torrent, rapid stream.  Yikes - what are we setting ourselves up for?  It did seem appropriate though given his behavior during the ultra sound, he was a mover for sure.  Anyway, we are very excited for our little boy, Trent to arrive, and we love our little 1st pictures of him. :)


Oh funny story - I went to pick up Brandon and Grant from Dana's house after the ultra sound and I was so excited to tell them the news, but they were less than interested, so I waited to tell them when we got home, the interest only marginally improved, but I went ahead and began showing them the pictures, when I told Brandon that we were having a boy he was ticked, not one bit happy, he was really hoping for a little sister,  then I told him that we were naming our baby boy Trent and he was all but furious - he really wanted to name our baby Red Fire Rider - because that is a much better name than Trent which sounds too much like train. :)

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