Sunday, March 16, 2014


Christmas was wonderful!  It always is, this year however was the very first year we spent the whole day with just our immediate family at home.  There were pros and cons to this arrangement, but overall I think the boys enjoyed being able to play with their toys and stay in the jammies all day.
The weekend before Christmas Wyn and Dee Ann were in town and we were able to spend a night in City Creek with them, they were also able to give their gifts to the boys.

Brandon got a dinosaur and Grant got a Spider Man action figure, and they both got pj's.  They enjoyed their gifts a lot. :)
The Sunday before Christmas we had a Christmas party with my side of the family.  Brandon, Chandler and Grant got a LOT of presents and the traditional books, we love getting more books, they are such a treasure. :)

The following Monday Natalie and Chandler came to our house for a play date.  We had an impromptu dance party, well everyone but me danced, it was so cute, our little boys are pretty awesome little dancers. :)

Christmas Eve is quickly becoming my favorite part of Christmas I love our traditions.  One of the highlights of the night was when the boys opened our Yellowstone vacation scrapbook from Shutterfly - they loved it, and they were so grateful for it.  There is such a great peace when it is just our little family, enjoying each others company and the spirit of the season.  One of those special moments when there actually is "beauty all around, when there's love at home". :)

Christmas morning was magical, the boys loved their gifts.

Christmas breakfast, Yummy!!

Maybe it was because I was so tired being so very pregnant, or maybe I really am tired of the commercialism of the holiday, each year we strive to make the holiday more meaningful, more focused on Christ, but each year I feel like we came short of our goal and were still more focused getting presents.  Hopefully in time we will learn to simplify and focus fully on the meaning of the season.

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