Thursday, August 28, 2008

August Fun

I love summer in Heber, especially when school starts again, because that is when I get to spend my morning working in the yard, instead of teaching piano lessons. Every morning I take Brandon and Maggie out to the front yard to pull weeds, while I am out there I get to watch all the kids riding their bikes and scooters to school, I also get to watch anywhere from 1-5 hot air balloons float around our home, sometimes they get so close I can hear the air being blown into the balloon, and I can hear the people inside talking. I love it, someday I hope to be able to ride in a hot-air balloon. The great part about the morning routine is that Brandon and Maggie are happiest when they are outside, and my yard with any luck will someday be weed free.
The other day after we were done eating breakfast I turned on my favorite exercise show to exercise, I must have been very entertaining because Brandon for the very first time fell asleep in his highchair. This NEVER happens, he is always way to busy and active to fall asleep.I was very happy when it did happen because that was one of the things I looked forward to when having children, we even bought the highchair that can recline should it ever happen, of course as soon as I reclined the chair he woke up, oh well.
We have had a few very fun weekends this month.

We recently inherited a tent from Jared's parents and Jared was so excited to use it we decided to set it up right in the back yard. you know so that Brandon could have fun camping. :) We had a great time, and slept very well, until our neighbors behind us started working on home improvements with a very loud saw. Just the same we had a great time, and we love the tent, Thanks Wyn and Dee Ann!
The next day we went to the zoo. We thought maybe this time Brandon would be able to enjoy it better, and find more animals to be interested in, but once again his favorite animal was the giraffe (and the humans of course).
One of Jared's very good friends from high school recently graduated from medical school, (WAY TO GO, NICK!!!) they have been living in St Louis, and are now living in Pennsylvania. They came into town last Monday so we got together with them and some of Jared's other high school friends. It was so good to see everyone again, we just don't get together nearly enough. (Jared with Brandon, Ryan with Logan, Justin with Jack, and Nick with Spencer)(Alison with Jack, Jamie with Emmalee Me with Brandon, and Natalie with Logan)It was also so fun to see cute Emmalee, she is Nick and Jamie's third. I love the chubby cheeks!!
Tuesday morning I was finally able to get together with friends from Oregon! YEAH!!! We met at Liberty Park, and had a great time visiting and playing with the kids. Everyone was finally able to meet Brandon for the first time, and I was able to meet Moses, and Garrett for the first time. Now that we are all living in Utah again we will hopefully be getting together on a more regular basis.

Brandon really liked playing in the sand, and to my amazement he did not try to eat it (at least not too much of it).
Karie with Brinley, Parker, and Garrett, Erin with Brooks, me with Brandon, and Kristen with Moses and Bella. I can't wait to get together with the Woods Cross friends, and the Oregon friends again real soon, and with any luck I will be able to see my high school friends soon as well (I'll start working on that). After all, as the song says, "The more we get together, the happier we'll be!"


Kristen said...

Look at all of our kids..can you hardly beleive it?! Seems like just yesterday we were all newly married getting together on Friday nights! This is even better though, it was so great to see you..lets do it again soon!!

Rebecca said...

Oh--fun to see Erin too! I'm jealous you guys are all in Utah now! Oh well---it will be awhile for us!