Monday, August 11, 2008

Look Who's Walking!

Well this weekend has been very eventful. I will start with the most recent excitements and work backwards. Last night was my bro.-in-law, Scott's birthday. So we went to his new home for a birthday dinner, and open house to see their new house. I love the new house, it is very cute! (for pictures looks at Natalie S. blog) While we were there Brandon started to play with Chandler's walker. Brandon thought it was great!

Then while my little sister, Lindsey, was holding him she let him go so that he could stand on his own. I was amazed when he did it, because each time I have tried he would sit down. Well the next time she tried it he took a few steps towards me. By the end of the night he was taking 10 to 15 steps each time, and maintaining his balance. I am still in shock! I am so happy, and terribly sad, my little boy is growing up. I find that I am celebrating and mourning each new milestone in his life.

Way to go Brandon!

Friday night we had some friends from our ward over to watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I made egg rolls, YUM! and we were all amazed at the program for the ceremonies, WOW! I love the Olympics!! My favorite event is the gymnastics, and the swimming. Which makes me wonder, what is your favorite event? GO USA!!!

On a side note the picture most chosen, from the previous post, was Brandon in front of the mirror in color, thanks to all who voted. :)
Brandon got his third tooth, and overall the teething thing is going much better than I thought. Also it seems that five years ago this month many friends were getting married, so to each of you,


j and k said...

How exciting! Those first steps are amazing! HE's getting so old!

Jeremy and Heidi said...

Get ready for whole new world of craziness--and bumps and bruises! So much fun!