Thursday, February 19, 2009

This and That

This past week has been fun and eventful. We enjoyed our Valentines day - Brandon even helped bake heart sugar cookies. :) We had fun taking care of Nicole while her mom was teaching. Brandon enjoyed teaching her how to do the laundry.And it turns out Nicole (or Cole as Brandon calls her) was the perfect motivation for him to learn how to climb up the high chair without the assistance of a chair. We had a lot of fun this weekend visiting family in Idaho Falls. Brandon is finally willing to give "nice luvs" to people. It was fun to see our nephew Trevor again, he has been at school in Arizona. Brandon was able to play with his cousin Cooper - and this time they actually got along with each other rather than Brandon pushing Cooper over.I love the nice luvs that Brandon and Cooper are giving each other. So cute!We had a lot of fun taking a walk around the falls. (Idaho Falls) We fed the ducks and geese which was a lot of fun but Maggie made it even more enjoyable by chasing the birds every time we gave her a little slack in the leash. I started a music group with a few of the other kids in our ward who are Brandon's age (they are all girls). The first two classes have been a lot fun. This month our theme is transportation (a favorite for Brandon).Dana and McKell
Karen, Emily, Nicole, McKell, and Brandon

You can see just how much Brandon is loving learning about trains, wagons, bikes, and cars. But really it is no surprise!


Alicia said...

Fun pics! Who is Emily? Karen is holding her. I can't believe how much he has grown!!! So fun! Thanks for sharing and hope you are doing well. :)

Michelle said...

Emily is a little girl that Karen takes care of every Wednesday, she is darling!

Alicia said...

Hi Michelle! I just responded to your comment through this email this the one that I can use to email you?

Aspen said...

Brandon is getting so big Michelle! So glad I came across your blog. I need to send you an invite to our blog. I'll just use the email address that someone typed above and see if that works.