Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Festivities

This year we spent Easter with my family by dying Easter eggs, frosting Easter cookies, having an Easter egg hunt, eating a yummy Easter dinner, and enjoying the good company of family. Brandon was far from interested in the Easter egg hunt- the only egg he found was the one on the tire of my brothers truck - why? because it was on the truck, which was far more interesting than any egg with candy laying on the ground free for the taking!Dad and Taylor coloring and decorating Easter eggs.Brandon really enjoyed his tasty Easter dinner. :)Chandler understood and really enjoyed finding the Easter eggs, he filled his little bucket with no trouble at all. :)Brandon and Chandler went for a ride on the blanket toss, and learned to enjoy it. :)The highlight of Brandon's day was when he got to play with a BALL! in a CRUCK! Complete bliss for this little kid!

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