Friday, August 28, 2009

The Treat Box Lament

The treat box is of course filled with little treats and trinkets for my piano students when they pass something off - it gets used a lot!! This poor box has been hauled all over Oregon and Utah to many homes for piano and now sits on my entertainment center behind a vase of flowers in the hopes that it will be disguised enough to fool Brandon as to its whereabouts - I have not succeeded. He knows where it is and what's worse he knows how to get into it. Every day I hear his requests for a "teat, peas, teat!" meaning of course treat, please treat! I have tried to be strong but something about him asking so nicely makes me give in, only now he doesn't even ask he just dumps the entire contents of the box all over the floor for him and Maggie to enjoy - I am running out of hiding spots, and this poor box can not handle any more abuse. What to do?

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