Saturday, October 9, 2010

HELP- tips for traveling with an infant

We are planning a trip to California to visit family, we are of course very excited, however i am very nervous about the drive there and back. Brandon has always been an outstanding traveler - every time we make the drive to Idaho he would sleep for the whole drive. Grant on the other hand has scream every time for at least two hours of the drive. Feeding him only slightly takes care of the problem. What he really wants is to get out - that is not an option! So what am I going to do with a twelve hour drive? I am planning on taking balloons, bubbles, treats, a mirror with lights, and toys, but that wont help when he is tired. Benadryl? The label says it is only for children who are six or older, and our doctor advised against it? I just don't know - so, I am pleading for any advise or tips from all of you. :)


Allison said...

Cute new posts! I love the McQueen turned out great! As for traveling with an infant, one thing that held our boys attention on our last trip (not for too long) was playing with pipe cleaners. Also, do you have any of the Baby Einstein CDs? We have one that Jack loved when he was an infant. I think its also hard because Grant is still sitting backwards...GOOD LUCK!!!

Betsy said...

Craig made a CD of kids' music. It drives us crazy listening to the same songs over and over all the time, but it keeps the kids happy and quiet (and Ella singing). So I guess it's worth it.

Is there room for you to sit in the back with Grant so he can see you and interact a bit?

Strap a binky to him (or carseat strap) with a binky clip for easy access (assuming he's a binky fan).

Or you can break up your driving and stop in Vegas and see your long lost friend!

Camille said...

My tip would be to have new snacks, new toys (hit up the dollar store or dollar section at Wal-Mart) and tons of new movies checked out from the library (those mostly will appeal to your toddler though).

And we are a TOTAL Benadryl family. We flew to Hawaii with 18 month twins on our laps. Thanks to Benadryl, they slept the whole way there and back. Just use it as a last resort.

Good luck!

rachel said...

We drove to Cali when Ruby was 8 weeks old and to Canada when she was 7 months. The best things that workder for her was me being able to sit next to her for part of the drive and having unusual toys and snacks for her to try. The biggest hits were: a flashlight, mirror, toothbrush, comb, remote control, unopened small bag of cheetos that crinckled, puppets, wisk, a new plastic bath poof/sponge thing. Good luck!

the green's said...

Rob always votes for leaving really late or really early so that most the drive is done while kids sleep. We are even known for driving all night when the boys where way little. As for now snacks are our best bet with Kat, she loves to eat and as long as she is eating she is not screaming. Good luck!!

the green's said...
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