Saturday, October 9, 2010

Preschool - Dinosaurs

This week it was my turn to host and teach Brandon's preschool.
Our theme was dinosaurs - in my opinion this is one of the best themes! Our letter was T so we each had a Treasure box full of T items: toilet paper, tissues, Thomas the Train, train tracks, treats, telephones, ties, triangles, and a picture of the temple. We had lots of fun opening up and discovering our T treasures.We made volcano treats for snack - they were so easy and yummy!We made our own volcano and dinosaur land - then we took turns destroying the dinosaurs by shaking it like an earthquake, throwing asteroids (toy plastic rocks) at them, making the hot sun beat down on them, and last and best of all having the volcano erupt on them. It was a very fun week for preschool!

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