Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Southern California Vacation

We went on another vacation to So Cal to visit family and some of our favorite places.  We were fortunate enough to be there the same time as Natalie and her family so we met up with them at the beach.  every time we go to So Cal the weather turns cold and wet and this visit was no exception, but that did not stop us from playing in the sand and the water.

Love the big sand castle/tunnel everyone help to build.

We can't go to California without making a visit to Sea World.  Brandon LOVES whales!  We have been to Sea World more times than I can count but the was the first time we discovered the whale viewing area, it is amazing!  I could have spent all my time there watching the whale swim around freely.

Because of our love of whales and Brandon's obsession Jared decided to splurge and do lunch with Shamu.  It was expensive, certainly not something we will do every time but it was a lot of fun.  The lunch was a delicious buffet and being that close to performing whales was great!!  I love this picture! 

The whale viewing area and lunch with Shamu still wasn't enough, :) we also had to go see the new show.  this was the finally.  Four whales jumping out of the water while two other whales come up to the viewing deck.  I have never seen six whales perform at the same time, it was very exciting.  every time Grant watches the video of this he claps his hands and cheers - so fun!

After Sea World we went to the Mormon Battalion Museum in Old Town.  I was happily surprised by how fun it was.  They had some great children activities, and cool animation.  Besides that we were able to learn some new facts about our history and see the flute of one of Jared's ancestors.

The next day we went back to the beach to play.  The weather had improved some but it was still pretty cold.

Brandon and I had a great time building a pool and mote.  Brandon spent most of his time in there. :)

The boys loved taking baths in Wyn and Dee Ann's giant tub - it was the closest they got to swimming. :)

Jared and I left the boys with Wyn and Dee Ann so that we could have a little time to ourselves.  We went to Disneyland.  It wasn't our favorite visit to D-land but we still had a great time and made some fun memories.  I was especially happy to see Disneyland decorated for Christmas without having to be there during the actual holiday.  It was beautiful!

The highlight however was when it actually snowed.  I have seen tv shows where they talk about the snow at Disneyland but I thought we were there too early in the season to be able to see it.  We watched the fireworks and immediately after snow came down on main street - I was thrilled. :)

We also made our regular visit to the zoo.  Love seeing the animals!!  The tigers, pandas, and hippo were very active which made our visit even more fun!

Till next time Cali - hopefully we will see the sun the next time we are there. :)

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