Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to me, 30 years and counting :D

I had a WONDERFUL birthday!!  Jared, my family and friends spoiled me rotten. 

The Wednesday before my birthday I went a fun shopping date with my mom.  We enjoyed lunch at Paradise Bakery and then shopping at Michaels, Deseret Book, Barnes and Nobel and Day Murray Music.  All my favorite kind of stores, a book store, a music store and a craft store.  I got the four Goose Girl books from Shannon Hale, four new piano books, an animal Cricut cartridge, some photo boxes, and a few other things.  It was so fun to have a day with just me and my mom, and so fun to go to my favorite stores.

On Friday I went on a super fun brunch date with Dana, Sharece, Bethany, Lorraine, and Karen.  We had a terrific time chatting and laughing for hours, and eating wonderful food from Kneaders.  I am so grateful for great friends, I seriously had SO MUCH FUN!!  Wish I would have thought to take a few pictures.

On Saturday Jared took me and the boys out to breakfast at Kneaders, again, I love that place, yum.  After breakfast we went shopping at Walmart, call me crazy but I am so happy to have a Walmart in town.  I bought mulch, edging stones, gardening gloves, and some flowers for my birthday. :)  Weird birthday gifts I know, but it is a step to a beautiful yard that I will enjoy spending time in and that is a great birthday present.  After shopping we went back to Kneaders for lunch - I know, it's ridiculous.  after lunch we worked hard in the yard and made some great progress, I sure will be happy when we get the yard looking the way I want it to, if that ever happens?  That night Jared and I went out on a date for more birthday shopping :)  I got four new shirts and a new pair of capris, a new table cloth and place mat.  Then we went to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant, can't remember the name of it?  When we got home Jared had a "project" that he needed to work on so I worked on wrapping my presents, weird, maybe, but I didn't mind.  It was fun to see all my gifts spread out, I like wrapping, and I think it is important for the boy to recognise that it is my birthday, and they wouldn't if they never saw that I received presents, besides they love opening the present (with me:)).  Jared was too impatient to wait for my birthday so before we went to bed that night he revealed the project he had been working on.  He compiled many letters of love, admiration and gratitude from my family members.  I was so grateful, I truly loved reading each of the letters, and Jared's letter of 30 reasons why he loves me was the highlight of them all.  That gift was certainly my favorite.

On Sunday, my actual birthday we opened a few gifts before church and opened the rest of the gifts after church.  That evening Dana organized a "gathering" for me.  Many of our neighbors and dear friends got together at her house for cake and snacks and great conversation, while all the children played together.  I love my neighbors, it was SO fun visiting with many of them.  Best party!  I was so grateful to Dana for putting the gathering together, especially when she had so much on her mind with her husband being called as the new Bishop of our ward that very day and her not being able to mention it to anyone yet.

I had a wonderful birthday.  I felt so loved the whole day, the whole week for that matter!  Thanks to everyone who made my day so special!  Love you!


Allison said...

Sounds like a great birthday!

Sorry to hear about your bishop and his wife (and their grand daughter)...that is sad and probably really hard for your ward. We've had two deaths of young mothers in our neighborhood over the past three months and its just heartbreaking.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! (belated!) I can't even believe you are 30! You will forever be 20 in my mind....Glad everyone spoiled you. And now I need to try Kneaders when I come to Utah next!