Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Christmas Traditions

I love our traditional baking day, my mom, grandma and two sisters and of course our three boys. :)  Each year we make gingerbread cookies (my favorite) cathedral cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and this year we reintroduced toffee, yum!  While we do our baking we listen to a hilarious radio program of the 12 days of Christmas, it is a favorite!  I do love having boys, a lot, in fact most of the time I think I would be fine to have all boys, but then this tradition rolls around and I realize that I really do hope to have a daughter or two. :)
 Even the boys had fun rolling out the cookie dough, cutting out the shapes and decorating. :)

 Love, Love, Love this group of people!!!!!!!!
 When the boys get board with cooking, or when we get fed up with their "help" they go in the basement to the playroom, a child's paradise!  This year they invented the "cozy".  While we were unaware, they stole anything soft and cozy from every room in the house and piled it up at the bottom of the stairs.  Fun idea right :) and look how darling they are.
Then, with such a perfect cozy, they jump - naturally. :)  I love boys!!!

Another wonderful outing this Christmas that I mentioned in a previous post was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert - it was precisely what I need to help me feel the true spirit of Christmas this year!  Words will not do justice to the wonderful evening this was!  I am so glad I got to spend it with some of my most favorite people!!

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