Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trents Photo Shoot

My brother has become a very talented photographer, so naturally I had him do some pictures of me and Trent.  I LOVE them!!  Especially the ones with all three of my darling boys.  Scott did such a great job capturing my boys true smiles, it makes me so happy!  I could stare at the pictures for hours.

 My Brandon with his very blue eyes - he is so handsome!
 This darling hat was made by one of my cute YW Jodie - it was so cute, especially when Trent was wearing it. :)
 The darling blue blanket was a gift handmade by one of my friends and neighbors, Cheri Dascomb, I love it!

 This is my favorite of Trent!  His cute onesie was a gift from another friend and neighbor, Kelli Winn.

 This teddy bear was from Jared, each of our boys has a teddy bear that they have attached themselves too, so naturally Trent needed his. :)
 This picture is so funny to me.  My sister Lindsey LOVES gorillas and she has a large collection of them, she wanted a picture of Trent with the gorilla, I love his scowling face. :)  The gorilla dwarfs Trent. :)
 Baby toes are a wonderful thing, why do they have to turn into ugly feet?

 My mom took this picture mid photo shoot with her phone - I think it is one of my favorites :)
Love all the wonderful pictures Scott - thanks for sharing your talent!!

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