Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome Baby Trent

Trent Ronald Bowman was born January 1st.  He was 9 pounds 4 ounces, 19 1/2 inches.  He was our biggest baby yet, by one ounce.  Trent is a wonderful baby, and of course we just adore him tremendously!
 When we have considered names for each of our children it has always been difficult and we have never had a name ready until the day of with Brandon and a week before with Grant.  So when Jared suggested that we name our third boy Trent Ronald Bowman right after our ultra sound at 20 weeks I was surprised that I liked it and we agreed and we had a name so early.  I worried that we would end up not liking it, but we still love it.  I place a lot of importance on the meaning of a name, I have always loved knowing what my name means and trying to live up to its meaning, so I knew that I wanted a name that had a good meaning.  Well when I found out what Trent means  I was worried.  Trent means torrent, or fast running water.  In my mind torrent meant - tornado, storm, wild and crazy.  As a mother with two young boys already I was worried about adding a third boy, one that would be a torrent to the mix.  Then I did more research on the name.  Torrent means overflowing, or abundance of, or my favorite, outpouring.  The more I pondered, who my third child would be and the more I pondered his name the more I felt that Trent was and would be an outpouring of blessings, indeed he already has.  In a time when the work of missionaries is increasing and the gospel is moving forward with such speed, I find that it is a torrent, an outpouring of the "good news" of Heavenly Father's plan.  Trent, I am sure will be a part of that, I feel and hope that he will be a great missionary and will be a torrent for good to others.  I just love his name. 

Well fast forward to Thursday morning, the day Trent is to be born.  It was a very nice morning, I got to the hospital at 6:00 in the morning (while Jared got Brandon and Grant ready for the day and to our friend Sharece's house).  I was able to relax in peace while I waited for the nurses to get ready and for Jared to arrive.  Jared arrived at 7:00 I was prepped and ready for surgery shortly after and we were headed for delivery.  I have only ever had my babies via C-section so I don't know it any other way, but there is nothing beautiful or precious about C-sections, its cold and for me, for some reason, it feels lonely.  As I sat on the table with the large blue plastic sheet blocking my view of the surgery I couldn't help but think of my friend Sharece's sister who just a few days before had complications with the delivery of her baby boy and consequently lost her baby.  Here I was about to have mine with no foreseeable complications and I felt a little guilty, but mostly immense gratitude.  Needless to say, I was grateful for the slight distraction of the music over the speakers, it was someone's playlist; nothing super wonderful, just recent radio hits, mostly male artists, but they were nevertheless a good distraction.  Then just as Trent was delivered "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" came on.  I LOVE this hymn so much, it was totally out of place from the other music that was playing and I was already quiet emotional, but when it came on I was overwhelmed with peace, gratitude, love and joy.  I wept silent tears (which made Jared a bit nervous :) ).  I don't think it was just a coincidence that this song came on when Trent was born, "Fount" after all is another reference to "Torrent" or fast moving water.  Truly Trent will be a great blessing to us and I am sure to others!  I just love this little boy of mine so very much!! 
I envy Jared a little each time we have a baby because he is always the first one to sit down and hold and adore our baby, I am stuck on the operating table being stitched up.  I am however also very grateful that my children have such an adoring father who wants to cuddle them and spend as much time with them.  While he was cuddling Trent he got these great pictures of Trent.

Finally it is my turn to hold Trent and nurse him, being a mom is wonderful!
After lots of great cuddles it was time for Trent's first bath.  I have never been able to watch my boys first bath so it was super fun to watch Jared bath Trent for the first time.

All Clean! :)
My mom was wonderful to pick Brandon and Grant up from Sharece's and take care of them for the remainder of the day.  After my boys had finished their naps mom brought them to the hospital to meet their brother.
 They each brought Trent a present, one outfit each, and Trent had a present for each of them.  Trent gave Brandon crocodile stomping slippers and a LeapPad game, he gave Grant a dragon stuffed animal with a flashlight belly and another LeapPad game as well. 

The boys loved their presents but they were too excited to hold their baby brother to spend much time playing with them.  It was very sweet to see how much they immediately loved their little brother.  There was no doubt they were going to be great big brothers.

January 9th 2014, such a special, memorable, and peaceful day!  I was incredibly grateful for great doctors, nurses and hospital staff that took great care of me and my baby.  I loved having my baby in the small local hospital, I was the only patient in the maternity ward, which meant I got great undivided care.  I loved my nurses. they became dear friends while I was there.  I was lucky that for some crazy reason they both alternated shifts for nearly the full three days I was staying there.
The next day (Friday) Jared got both boys off to school and then came to spend the day at the hospital with us.  When the boys finished school Karen Edwards took them to her house to play until 2:30, when Jared picked them up and took them home for their naps.  Then our family gathered for dinner in my hospital room.  The boys thought it was great that they got to have happy meals from McDonalds for dinner at the hospital. It was a pretty fun night just the five of us hanging out at the hospital.  Before Jared, Brandon and Grant left; Brandon and Grant sang Trent a "luggaby" (I love that Brandon says luggaby instead of lullaby. :)  their "luggaby" was SO sweet, I tried to get video of them singing, but it didn't turn out very well. :(
On Saturday (day three in the hospital) My parents, Grandma Osborn and Lindsey came up to visit.  It was so good to see them.  Trent is Grandma Osborn's 46th great-grandchild!!  Grandma GiGi is simply amazing, she has come to visit each of my boys in the hospital, attends their blessings and nearly all of their birthdays.  I am so grateful that my boys are blessed to have her in their lives.  And, they are blessed with two other adoring great-grandmas and a great-grandpa!  They are so lucky!!!

My cute sister - she is a great aunt!!!
Dr. Berg has been my doctor for all three of my boys - I think he is great!
Oh thank heavens for little boys!!

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