Sunday, December 14, 2014

Natalie and Chandlers Spartan Race

Natalie and Chandler both signed up to participate in the Spartan Race in Midway.  They had both been training for several months so they were very excited to do the race.  Chandlers race was naturally much shorter and at a different time than Natalie's race so she needed someone to take care of him while she did her much longer and much more challenging race.  I was happy to have him playing with my boys.  So we met at the race and had lots of fun watching Chandler - he did such a great job, but the best part was watching him help a younger boy who he had befriended moments before the beginning of the race, he could have finished much faster, but it was more important to him to see his new friend do well.  Chandler is such a great kids!

I am very impressed with Natalie for completing this super difficult race, and it looks like she even had fun doing it. :)

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