Sunday, December 14, 2014

More June Memories

We enjoyed eating in our backyard a few more times while our kitchen was torn out, but this video of Brandon making Trent laugh was one of our favorite parts of dinner outside. :)
The boys, and I, had a lot of fun creating forts in the back yard.

This was the second summer that Heber did its UNPLUGGED program where children are encouraged to unplug the tv, computer games, video games etc. and get outside and enjoy being active.  Building a fort outside was one of the activities and going to the unplugged fair at the hospital was another activity.  The hospital was fun, but the best part was seeing the life flight helicopter.

Before we went to the UNPLUGGED fair we went out to dinner for Father's Day at Kneaders.  It was a beautiful morning!
Another UNPLUGGED activity was bird watching, which we of course enjoyed a lot.  These sand hill cranes live just five minutes away as you are coming into Heber from SLC.
And of course roasting marshmallows was one of the activities.  We love our fire pit and we sure loved our many trees and shady rock area for playing.

The lemonade stand was another activity that the kids were determined to do.  I think they have more fun organizing the activity than actually making money from it - which is as it should be. :)
We had a few more outings to the zoo.

Brandon is such a good big brother!
I have such darling boys!!
And Trent learned to roll over - actually he learned to roll over in May, but here is the video a month late.  I love this milestone!
So getting two dogs groomed regularly is really expensive!  So after getting the dogs groomed twice professionally I decided, if I can give my boys hair cuts, I can save money and give the dogs hair cuts.  The first three times I had given Pete and Annabelle hair cuts went very well, so well I even bought my own dog hair clippers.  Unfortunately for Annabelle, this time things didn't go so well.  I think the clippers need to be serviced because they were just doing a terrible job.  Well I was determined to get her hair cut, so even though it wasn't going well I kept going and it kept getting worse - Oh she looked awful!  Poor Annabelle, but my, she was a good sport about it - she was on the table for a good 6 hours and never once barked or acted upset.

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