Saturday, May 9, 2015

July 2014 Adventures Part One

This year we continued our tradition of waking up super early to drive down to Provo and see the hot air balloon festival.  I love this tradition!  This was our fourth year going, and this year we took the Rowser's and the Brosnahan's with us.  The company made it fun, especially since the weather wasn't cooperating so very few of the balloons actually made it up in the air, but when good friends are around there is fun to be had no matter what.  

 Smokey may always be one of our favorite balloons!
 Some of my favorite pictures of me with my boys are when we are at the balloon festival!  Each year just gets better and better!
 I think even Pete and Annabelle enjoy the outing - and there are always several fans that hope to pet and play with them.

 Cute friends!
 July also marked Trent's 6 month birthday!  Tradition is to celebrate with three balloons to play with.  He sure had a good time with those balloons.
 How can I have SO much love for this little boy.  Each time I have a child I am amazed at how my heart can grow to love another so much! Trent's smile is precious and lights up a room!  He is a joy to have around!!
 Jared celebrated his 35th birthday small and simple with just our little family, presents and homemade chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

For Pioneer Day we continued with our tradition of going to Buttlerville Days.  I love that we get to enjoy fair activities, fireworks, a parade, and good times with friends and family all in the afternoon instead of spread out over the whole day.  It allows for a pleasant leisurely morning.

 Prior to Pioneer Day we went with the Johnson family moms and kids for a picnic at Wheeler Farm and to visit the animals.  The boys thought that was a lot of fun.
 After the Farm I knew I wanted to take the boys to the float preview party at the Expo Center, because there was a T-Rex float that I knew the boys would love.  The preview party was awesome!  Maybe even worth becoming a new tradition.  It was so fun to see all the work that goes into making these amazing floats.  Before we began exploring I told the boys that if they got lost they should meet us at a float with a giant tree, but of course I encouraged them to stay close so that wouldn't happen.  Well towards the end of the outing we lost Brandon, I thought he might have doubled back to see the T-Rex float again, but he wasn't there so I went to look for him at our meeting place.  Sure enough he was there, panicked and crying, but there waiting just the same.  I was so proud of him for knowing what to do.  He even told me that he said a prayer that he would be found, and that was right when I showed up.  It was a good lesson learned, even if it was hard.  He still talks about it months later.

 This T-Rex was really amazing!  Its head moved up down and side to side, its mouth opened and closed and it made lots of noise!
It was so fun to watch the Days of 47 Parade on the morning of the 24th and see all the floats again on TV. The boys love the connection to it.

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