Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2015 April

I had a bit too much fun with April Fools day this year.  For breakfast I made "eggs" and toast - everyone was fooled, until Grant tried to pop the egg and it wouldn't pop because it wasn't a real egg it was a peach in plain yogurt.  :)

Then for preschool Grant was in charge of the snack so we made mini hamburgers for the kids to eat - they were really white cup cakes for the bun, chocolate cupcakes for the meat patty, frosting for the ketchup and mustard and shredded coconut dyed green for the lettuce.  They were super yummy and the kids loved them! 
 I love how colorful Easter is!  We had a great time dying the Easter eggs.
 General Conference is one of our favorite things each year.  Even the kids look forward to it!  Every morning we have our traditional Baked Oatmeal - YUM!!  and then while we watch conference the kids work to fill out their bingo cards, as soon as they get a bingo the can open one of the presents waiting on the top of our entertainment center.  The present are things around our home that they never get to play with, like fancy scissors, stickers and paper punches, or playdough, etc.  They love this activity, and they generally listen well to the conference.  Best of all they are learning the importance of listen to and following the prophet! YAY!

 Easter morning the kids had a great time searching for their baskets!  Then after church we went to a family dinner at my parents house.

 The Easter egg hunt was a riot.  Especially watching Trent look for eggs.  He was really excited about it and he found lots.  Each kids was able to fill his bucket!

 As an added bonus Scott got out his new very fancy monster truck and the kids had a great time running away from it and trying to chase it - that truck is SO fast!

 Trent LOVES bath time - he is my only child that just loves to be in the water and isn't afraid of a little water in his ears or eyes.  I love watching him splash and play!

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