Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2015 January and February

Trent celebrated his 1st birthday with a puppy theme.  He loves dogs!  I made Westie cupcakes that everyone enjoyed.  We had a casual celebration with a little party with my mom and dad at our house prior to his birthday and then on his real birthday we had a family dinner of hot dogs and lemonade from the "fire-hydrant".  Trent loved all his birthday presents even if they were mostly hand-me-downs from his brothers.  Even Brandon and Grant had fun seeing some of their old toys again.

 Turning one is so exciting because now you can finally eat pretty much everything - including chocolate cake and frosting!  ;)
 Some of Trent's presets included mega blocks, a toy basketball hoop, a toy train, and a stuffed dog.
 My favorite memory from Trent's birthday was after we had finished with presents, dinner and cake, I got out some bubbles - Trent was thrilled - it was his first time seeing bubbles and thought they were hilarious.  He was laughing hysterically every time I blew more bubbles.  It was delightful!

I gave Grant the choice of a Spider-man birthday party or a Frozen birthday party.  These were his two favorite things at the time.  He chose Frozen.  It was a bit tricky doing a princess movie for a boys birthday, but it turned out to be SO fun.  I made a snowflake cake out of cupcakes - it was a hit.
 I decorated with snowflakes hanging all around the house and I filled over 75 white balloons to cover the floor.  We played pin-the-nose on Olaf, we had a snowball fight with cottonballs and crumpled up pieces of paper, and we searched for prizes in frozen water - the kids enjoyed all the fun activities!

 Grant invited most of his friends from his preschool class, as well as friends from the neighborhood.  He was so happy that his "girlfriend" Naomi was able to come. :)

In February a dinosaur exhibit was coming to the Salt Palace.  It looked thrilling -ride on a T-Rex, look at moving dinosaurs in their natural habitat, and dig for dinosaurs, not to mention there would be bounce houses.  Given Brandon's love for dinosaurs we decided to go -despite the cost.  This was a mistake, it was a lot of hype for very little.  However, the boys thought it was wonderful.  Especially when they got to ride on a dinosaur.  :)  So Jared and I checked our grown up disappointments at the door (tried to) and we made the most of it.  Afterwords we went to City Creek for dinner and to see the fountain show with music and fire.  It was a really fun family day - all be it an expensive family day. :)

 One day I worked really hard to clean up the boys room then I found the Standing Tall series on book on tape and put it in for the boys to listen to - they LOVED it.  They stayed in their room just listening to the story for the full half hour - it was just like the good old days when people would sit around their radios.
 February was unusually warm and dry - so we had a great time playing at the park!  It was a little crazy that Grant wanted to have a Frozen birthday party in February and we had to use fake snow because there was no snow on the ground.

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