Monday, September 1, 2008

Brazillian Festival

Jared served his mission in Brazil so when he found out they have a festival we had to go. I am so glad that we did, it was lots of fun.

The festival was at the gateway center, by the fountain. First thing after we got there and were headed out of the parking garage Jared ran into a Branch President from his mission, all of a sudden they both broke out into Portuguese laughing, smiling, and hugging each other the whole time. It was so fun to hear Jared really speak Portuguese, they talked for quiet sometime, they are now living in Utah so hopefully we will get together with them again soon.
Then as we were walking to the festival you could hear this deafening music and chanting, we ran over to the large circle that had gathered and watched the capoira, (capoira is a dance/ fighting style that Brazilian slaves invented to practice there fighting without getting into trouble) it was amazing to watch.

We had a lot of fun looking at Brazilian booths where Jared bought a Brazilian flag and some Brazilian sweets. We were also able to eat very yummy coxinha, Brazilian donuts, cake and cheese bread, and drink Guarana, and limeonaid. Everyone was wearing yellow, and green, or blue jerseys, and talking in Portuguese. I felt like such a minority, except that the people are super friendly, so I felt like I belonged. I never had any interest to go to Brazil, except to see where Jared served his mission, but now I would like to go to see the people and culture, they are so fun!

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