Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh What Fun, My Son Turned One

I can not believe how the time flies, I know everyone says that, but really, why must it go so darn fast? However I couldn't hardly stand waiting to throw a big One Year Old Birthday Party, and yes I went over board. I had so much fun making invitations for family members, and planning games, menus, and decorations. While I am sure Brandon had a great birthday, Jared and I enjoyed it much more!

We began the celebrations on Saturday by going to the zoo with Jared parents, my sister and her family, and my dear friend Dana with her son and McKell. We wish everyone else could have come too but soccar games, homecoming dances, and legacy highway kept people busy, we missed you. The zoo was amazing, mind you it was a very croweded Saturday, but the animals were putting on a great show! The "Ghost of the Bayou" was swimming, the bird show was amazing thanks to the great seats (thanks Dana), the Tiger was swimming and walking all over the place, and two of the giraffes actually got into a fight (no not a play fight a real fight) who knew a giraffe that does not want to share his food could swing his neck so hard.

Sunday was Brandon's actual birthday. We had my family and Jared's parents over for dinner, presents, and cake. Brandon was spoiled rotten! Jared kept quoting Harry Potter "37 but last year I had 38", because he had so many presents. Some of Brandon's favorites were the basketball, dumptruck of blocks, Tickle Me Ernie, classic telephone, xylaphone, Winnie the Pooh blocks, trike, and puzzle. He also received many darling clothes that I can not wait to have him wear. Brandon seemed to enjoy his cake, as soon as he realized it was truely all for him, he was quite a mess afterwards, but that is okay!


j and k said...

What a fast year! He's getting so grown up! He's so cute!

Erin said...

Happy Birhtday Brandon. Looks like a wonderful weekend.

Kristen said...

Oh its so fast isnt it? Looks like a fun celebration, just how it should be when your one :) HAppy birthday to adorable Brandon!!