Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Piece of Heaven

Everyday I am blessed to experience a little piece of heaven right here in my own home. It comes when Brandon is ready for his nap and I relax in my very comfy rocking chair with Brandon wrapped up in one of his extra soft blankets. We listen to beautiful piano arrangements of the primary hymns, we watch the trees blow in the wind just outside the window, and we play quiet games, that make us both giggle. Mean-while Maggie snuggles down on the ottoman keeping my feet warm. It does not take long for Brandon to drift off to sleep, and every time, just before he is sound asleep, the little corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. It is as though he is recounting all of the fun moments of the day. Then he is sound asleep, and while I probably should put him in his crib and go do the laundry or the dishes, and make good use of this time, I just can not bring myself to lay him down. So instead I sit and ponder, and try to capture the moment in my memory.
While I look forward to Brandon growing up and all of the fun moments that are associated with children growing, I never want this to end, I will miss these moments of heaven. I suppose that is why I linger and I don't always get to the chores, I know these times have a limit.
The only thing that could possibly make this moment better is if Jared were here with us, but then I am reminded that he is at work, diligently working to provide for our family and make this very moment possible.
I really do think that I am the most blessed person in the whole world! I have a wonderful hard working husband who adores his son, puppy and me. I have a beautiful and very happy little boy, and a very fun spunky little dog. I am blessed with a darling little home in a beautiful city. And the blessings just go on and on.
So with that being said I want to thank Jared for the blessing he is in my life, and for the many other blessings he has been instrumental in providing me with. I also want to thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a wonderful family and for entrusting me with one of His children.


Alana's Blog said...

ahh.. my heart is so full! thank you for sharing! arent these moments great! I especially love how he smells after his bath and he is all jammied up! sometimes I find myself hoping he will wake up at night so I can go in and just hold and kiss him a little bit longer!

Julie Osborn said...

I'm so grateful that you are enjoying being a mother so much. You are wise to cherish this precious time! You are such a great mom. You truely have been abundantly blessed. Jared, Brandon and Maggie are blessed to have you too!

Camille Hill said...

Thank you for giving me a good reminder of what's important! I've had "one of those days" and needed your uplifting comments about what's really important.

Kristen said...

awh, sweet :) Thanks for reminding us all of the fun little heavenly moments, just reading about it made me feel in the moment too :)

Jason and Tawni said...

Thank you for the reminder about why having children is so rewarding. I love that little glimpse into your special moment with Brandon. I too love the times where Stella is ready to cuddle. Oh and Happy Birthday Brandon!!!