Thursday, December 11, 2008


Many of you have had the privilege of meeting "Friend", for those of you who haven't let me introduce you. Friend is a stuffed Westie. I bought Friend when we were living in Oregon, you see, Jared always wanted a West Highland White Terrier, but they are expensive, and there was no sense in us getting a dog when we would never be home with it, and when we did not even have a house for it to live in, so I bought Friend to pacify Jared until we could get a real Westie. Well two years ago on Dec 23rd we surprised ourselves by buying a Westie. It was love at first sight! When we brought Maggie home we introduced her to Friend, that is when Friend was given her name, because Friend was everything to Maggie. Friend crate trained Maggie, Friend litter box trained Maggie, Friend was Maggie favorite chew toy, tug toy, and fetch toy. Friend went everywhere with Maggie, and Friend became a part of our family. Miraculously Friend lasted Maggie's constant attacks for two years, and just last month Friend finally bit the dust and we had to bid her farewell. I realize that it was just a stuffed animal but it was still a sad day.
I didn't think I would miss Friend as much as I do, but play time with Maggie just isn't the same without Friend. I can not say if Maggie misses Friend or not, but I have often wondered if she would like a Friend replacement. So today I looked online to see if I could find Friend, and wouldn't you know it, I found the exact one, (Thank you GUND!) mind you it is $28.00. So my question is this, should I, or should I not buy Maggie a new Friend? Here are the pros; more fun playing tug, a buddy for Maggie, a toy that will last for another two years rather than the typical two days, and it would make a perfect Christmas/2 year anniversary present. Here are the cons: it is ridiculously expensive, it tends to get very dirty, and on a rare occasion Maggie does become a little unnatural with Friend, yuck! Now you have the facts, What would you do???


cryssal said...

I say go for it! My dog is dying for a new puffy vest this Christmas! They are the "in" thing for all the cool dogs here.

Alana's Blog said...

Go for it!

Camille Hill said...

I'm not a "dog person" so to speak so you don't really want my opinion. I'd only say - not worth it :)